Update from the National Right to Life Academy: Words Matter!

By Megan McCrum, Academy Director

NRL Academy students enjoy exploring the nation’s capitol.

Earlier this week the NRL Academy & NRLC interns learned how important it is to frame the pro-life issue by the language we use. For example, on the most basic level, when referring to pre-born human life, never say “it,” rather, always have a real person in mind and refer to that little person as “he” or “she.”  Another example; the “woman” in any abortion-scenario is a mother, so we should be sure to call her by that appropriate title.

These seemingly tiny differences in language, when used consistently, can help to chip away at the cognitive dissonance of what is at stake in abortion by creating a more personal connection to the reality behind the words.

NRL staff instructed the students on these and other pearls of wisdom, which are all included in this handy packet, “When They Say, You Say: Defending the Pro-Life Position & Framing the Issue by the Language We Use.” Read it to learn for yourself, and then be sure to share with others!

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