Pregnancy Help Movement Under Attack

Editor’s note. The following was sent out this morning by Heartbeat International.

Urgent developments are happening in New York City right now. Heartbeat has been on the ground since the New York City Council voted to pass Bill 371 and Mayor Bloomberg signed the bill into law, stating, “I know it’s unconstitutional, but I’m going to sign it anyway.”

The Facts in Brief on the new law in NYC:

All abortion businesses (licensed and unlicensed) are excluded.

All pregnancy help center are included.

Requires pregnancy help centers to post signage indicating what services they do and do not provide.

Allows individuals to sue pregnancy help centers if they do not post a sign.

Requires verbal disclosure to clients of services that pregnancy help centers do and do not provide.

Limits protection for pregnancy help centers.

Immediately after the bill was signed into law, Heartbeat took action. A lawsuit against the city of New York has been filed by Heartbeat’s representative, ACLJ. The lawsuit seeks to defend the rights of pregnancy help centers in NYC and to strike down the unconstitutional law.

Tomorrow is an extremely important day. A Federal Court hearing will take place at 2:30pm, in which oral arguments will be heard regarding the lawsuit. The new law places harsh stipulations on pregnancy center advertising, phone conversations with potential clients, and sets an evil precedent for cities across the USA that are being targeted by a pro-abortion agenda. Please pray for the hearing tomorrow and for strength for the pregnancy help centers in New York City.

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