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Supporting a Friend When She’s Unexpectedly Expecting

Editor’s note. This appeared this month in Life Issues Forum and is reposted with permission. I had been brought up to believe that life is always a gift, but it certainly didn’t feel like one when I gazed in shock at

The importance of “you can tell me anything” when a woman is facing a crisis pregnancy

By Dave Andrusko On Monday we reposted a terrific story that appeared at Newsbusters– “CBS’s ‘Madam Secretary’ Surprises With Pro-Life, Pro-Motherhood Message.” Dawn Slusher did a wonderful job in talking about the May 7 episode, “The Seventh Floor.” I would like to

“Every time we hit a bump in the road, God was there”

By Dave Andrusko We do our fair share of work to figure out who our readership consists of. There are many, many young people (more females than males, BTW) but also a lot of readers of an age to have

Before you know it, the reward is in your hands: from conception to birth in 90 seconds!

By Dave Andrusko This very short post has one purpose which is to direct you to a delightful video. Here you will find a 90-second video that in a very innocent and affectionate way illustrates the growth of a baby

Singer Tom Fletcher documents the entire pregnancy of his wife in time-lapse video

As cute as it gets, Part Two By Dave Andrusko I first watched “From Bump to Buzz” a while back and I’ve made it a habit to periodically view the time-lapse video again and again. It’s a delightful 3 minute,

You are the friend of the parents of a pregnant teen: what would you say to them?

By Dave Andrusko We received some very interesting (and affirmative) responses to a recent post written by a mother whose teenage daughter had become pregnant and how the family together found a life-affirming answer (“Mom, I’m pregnant.”). I would really

Truly a person’s a person, no matter how small

By Dave Andrusko Often I will pick apart pro-abortion arguments because they are either blatantly untrue, ridiculous extrapolations, and/or internally incoherent. However I also try to be a keen enough (and sympathetic enough) observer to look beneath the surface. So

Woman gives birth to quadruplets while fighting cancer

By Nancy Flanders When Kayla Gaytan called her husband Sergeant Charles Gaytan to tell him that she was pregnant, neither one could have been more excited. Kayla Gaytan had just beaten Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and had endured five months of chemotherapy.

An amazing image shows Baby’s Feet Outside Mom’s Uterus

A fetus’ legs protruding from the womb. (The New England Journal of Medicine)

By Dave Andrusko It was all supposed to be just a regularly scheduled ultrasound at the University of Angers Hospital Center in western France for a woman in her 22nd week of her pregnancy. Instead it proved to be only

“Our little 9 month project”

By Dave Andrusko This will be a very short post—it has only one purpose which is to direct you to There you will find a 90-second video that in a very innocent and affectionate way illustrates the growth of

Pregnancy Apps are powerful tools in the fight to protect unborn babies

By Dave Andrusko Bless her heart, what a wonderful post by Bethany Mandel today at The Federalist. Her headline is nothing short of perfect: “A Simple Pregnancy App Demonstrates the Humanity of Abortable Human Babies: Sorry, abortion advocates. An unborn

Cancer survivor stuns mother with surprise news: she is pregnant

By Dave Andrusko As a father/grandfather I have been on the receiving end when family members have sprung news of a surprise pregnancy. So I know something about jaws dropping. But nothing to compare–not by a hundred miles–with Gina, the