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‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Reveal Pregnancy in ‘Little Heartbeat’ Ultrasound

By Katie Yoder Many in the media have long idolized “childfree” relationships. But that isn’t stopping one well-known couple from welcoming their fifth. Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines recently announced that they’re expecting their fifth

Mom with rare eye cancer delivers healthy, cancer-free twins

By Dave Andrusko In a whirlwind of medical activity, Jessica Boesmiller had an eye removed just three weeks after a November diagnosis of a rare ocular cancer and then gave birth less than a month later to

ACOG suddenly substitutes “fetus” for “baby” in popular pamphlet

By Dave Andrusko I saw the press release from a pro-life source last week but in the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving week I didn’t actually confirm what it claimed. My bad. The press release read A

This pregnancy announcement destroys the ‘my body, my choice’ argument

By Claire Chretien November 21, 2017 – A unique pregnancy announcement skewers the illogical pro-abortion argument “my body, my choice.” Laura Klassen, the founder and director of the Canadian pro-life organization Choice 4 2, released a snarky

Dads Need a Life-Giving Voice in Crisis Pregnancies

By Tammy R. Shewfelt For years, our culture has promoted a not-so-positive definition of a man, father and husband. The crucial role of men in society and the family has been sidelined for many reasons. Whether men

“You are your baby’s first home”

By Dave Andrusko This will be a short post, not because the message isn’t important (just the opposite) but because it will resonate so thoroughly and so completely. Sometimes I think I see all the best stuff

Study fails to show that unwanted pregnancies cause bad outcome for babies

By Sarah Terzo A study meant to document that children born from unwanted pregnancies grew up with serious problems failed. The study turned up no evidence linking unwanted pregnancies to unhappy children. The study did not find

Once a Teen Mom, This Woman is Helping Others “Silence the Noise” to Choose Life

Laurie Gaines (right) chose life for her daughter, Arica, and that "choice" changed the course of her life. Photo Courtesy: Laurie Gaines

By Karen Ingle Her daughter’s 40th birthday marked a significant milestone for Laurie Gaines, a photographer, pregnancy center advocate, pro-life-missionary and author-in-the-making based in Fairfield, Calif. On Sept. 1, 1977, Gaines first met Arica, the baby who

When a woman is facing a crisis pregnancy, “you can tell me anything” means everything

By Dave Andrusko A while ago we posted a story about an episode from season three of CBS’s Madam Secretary. It was based on a clip I’d see at Newsbusters from that episode. This past week my wife

Student pregnant in fresher’s week: “My daughter’s easily the best thing that’s ever happened to me”

An Oxford student has written in the Times about her experience of discovering she was pregnant in fresher’s week and of the challenges and joys of being a student mum. By Society for the Protection of Unborn

“I Chose Life and God Changed Mine”: One Woman’s Story of Finding Unexpected Joy in a Crisis Pregnancy

By Jay Hobbs Seven years ago this fall, Lauren Urrea felt her world was crashing into a million pieces as she faced the undeniable, yet somehow unbelievable, reality that she was pregnant. For the first time in

Mom who gave up chance to prolong her life dies two days after giving birth to daughter, Life Lynn

Carrie and Nick DeKlyen decided to have their sixth child even though it meant Carrie had to stop treatment for her brain cancer. (VIA FACEBOOK)

By Dave Andrusko Half-way through their compassionate and thoughtful story about the passing of a much beloved wife, mother, relative, and friend, the Detroit Free Press’ Ann Zaniewski and Elissa Robinson, wrote, “Nick and Carrie were married