Caught completely by surprise, joyful husband says, “You’re pregnant….You’re pregnant”

By Dave Andrusko

dadtobe3reAlrighty. The following will make you cry but those will be tears of joy.

I cannot do justice to the video Dana Griffin-Graves posted on YouTube, but I’ll try.

Over the course of 17 years, Mrs. Graves and her husband Arkell Graves have suffered through four miscarriages and the loss of a baby who was stillborn. As she told WIRC Television

“It was definitely a struggle, a rollercoaster [of] emotions, going back and forth. I just got to the point where I wanted to stop trying.”

Recently she’d been trying to take off weight and couldn’t understand how regular exercise and walks with friends didn’t work.

Then she was shocked to discover last week that she was pregnant–nearly five months pregnant! Mrs. Graves decided to secretly record her husband’s response when she revealed to her unsuspecting husband that she was pregnant.

In the quiet voice we hear throughout the video, she tells him there’s some “stuff in the oven.” He bends over, looks in and discovers a packet of buns and their unborn child’s first ultrasound.

The look of stunned amazement and sheer joy on Mr. Graves’ face is priceless.

Then he says, “You’re pregnant.” No response. “You’re pregnant!”

“That’s why I couldn’t lose weight,” she says softly

”You’re pregnant,” he repeats one more time.

“Guess how far long?”

“How long?” he asks

“19 weeks, almost five months.”

“Come here” he tells his wife tenderly.

“Due February 16,” she responds.

“Come here” he says one last time and with more urgency.

“And it’s a boy.”

At that point Mrs. Graves breaks into uncontrollable weeping.

The WIRC story is beautifully done. You couldn’t help thinking of the couples you know who struggle with infertility .

But Mrs. Graves’s concluding remark to the reporter also reminds you of the stories in the Bible of women unable to bear children.

“It shows that God is able to do any and all things,” Mrs. Graves concluded. “I’m grateful, and I said if it can help someone else and give them hope that it can happen, then that’s what it’s about.”