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Pro-life President Trump’s victories on behalf of life

Pro-life President Donald Trump

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Pro-life President Donald Trump has amassed numerous victories in the fight to protect innocent human life in just the first year of his Administration. One lasting life-affirming legacy comes

A year ago candidate Trump chose Mike Pence to be his VP

By Dave Andrusko On a Friday, one year ago, then-candidate Donald Trump made one of his most consequential decisions in his ultimately successful campaign to become the 45th President of the United States. He chose Mike Pence,

Media Elite mocks “journalistic fairness” in treating President Trump

By Dave Andrusko This week Newsbusters offered a wonderful piece that cut to the chase on the issue of media hostility to pro-life President Trump. Referring to Chuck Todd and a cohort of Trump haters, Nicholas Fondacaro’s

National Right to Life heralds Trump Administration’s modernization of pro-life foreign aid policy

Pro-life President Donald Trump

WASHINGTON – The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) commended the Trump Administration for announcing an expanded policy named Promoting Life in Global Health Assistance, which will apply pro-life conditions to a broad range of health-related U.S.

Pro-abortion House Democrats lament Trump’s first 100 days

Pro-life President Donald Trump

By Dave Andrusko It comes as no surprise, but a passel of pro-abortion House Democrats sent pro-life President Donald Trump a letter, dated May 1, with their own scorecard for the President’s first 100 days in office.

National Right to Life applauds Trump pro-life accomplishments in first 100 days

Pro-life President Donald Trump

WASHINGTON – Since taking office nearly 100 days ago, President Donald Trump and his administration have provided the right-to-life movement with several major victories says the National Right to Life Committee, the federation of 50 state right-to-life

A pro-life celebration of President Trump’s First 100 days in office

Pro-life President Donald Trump

By Dave Andrusko National Right to Life News Today produces between 10 and 13 stories each and every day, Monday through Friday. In the last year, no story we posted generated more email than a story I

Now THIS is embarrassing: fake news so fake even the NYTimes can’t deny it

By Dave Andrusko To be honest I was too busy Wednesday being amused by the surprise visit of Rob Gronkowski, the all-pro tight end for the New England Patriots, to the daily White House press briefing to

To its credit, WaPo debunks NYTimes myth that Trump voters are rejecting him

Pro-life President Donald Trump

By Dave Andrusko Back in February, the Washington Post anointed itself as the keeper of the flame, aka “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” About the same the New York Times chipped in with “The truth is more important

Kudos continue for Trump’s Tuesday night speech

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan

By Dave Andrusko As NRL News Today discussed earlier this week, pro-life President Donald Trump’s address Tuesday to a joint session of Congress was a huge hit. Even some of his inveterate haters in the press conceded

Even harsh Trump critics admit speech a winner

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan

By Dave Andrusko My Tuesday evenings are spoken for, so I did not see pro-life President Donald Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress last night when he actually delivered it (I watched it later,

Trump’s Congressional Address and the Power of Story

President Donald Trump [Jim Lo Scalzo / AFP / Getty]

By Jay Hobbs Editor’s note. The following is excerpted from a post that appeared at Pregnancy Help News. Mr. Hobbs is discussing the power of individual stories and individual lives. What we do know is that, by