Five day hearing begins, fate of Missouri’s last abortion clinic to be decided

By Dave Andrusko And so it began today, a hearing that is expected to last for five days. As NRL… Read More

3 years ago

Digging deeper into Judge Sachs’ decision on Missouri’s HB 126 shows additional good news

By Dave Andrusko Missouri Gov. Mike Parson On Wednesday NRL News Today discussed a surprise editorial in the very pro-abortion… Read More

4 years ago

Satanic Temple sues Missouri over informed-consent requirement on when life begins

By Calvin Freiburger Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared at LifeSiteNews and is reposted with permission.… Read More

4 years ago

Missouri’s lone abortion clinic allowed to continue abortions but underlying safety concerns yet to be addressed

By Dave Andrusko It’s like déjà vu all over again. The headline to the Associated Press story which ran in… Read More

4 years ago

Judge kicks Planned Parenthood lawsuit out of court; tells them to take their complaint to state Administrative Hearing Commission

By Dave Andrusko You have to understand the background before you can properly appreciate St. Louis Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer’s… Read More

4 years ago

Judge’s injunction allows last Missouri abortion clinic to continue performing abortions

By Dave Andrusko As you would imagine, Planned Parenthood portrayed itself as a martyr. But the simple fact is “Today… Read More

4 years ago

Missouri Legislature Passes both “Simon’s Law” and the “Missouri Stands for the Unborn Act”

By Nancy Valko I feel so fortunate to be living in a pro-life state like Missouri! This past month, the… Read More

4 years ago

Missouri Judge agrees to Planned Parenthood’s request for a temporary restraining order

By Dave Andrusko Friday afternoon Missouri Judge Michael Stelzer agreed with Planned Parenthood and issued a temporary restraining order preventing… Read More

4 years ago

Planned Parenthood goes to court to keep last abortion clinic in Missouri open

By Dave Andrusko The headlines talk about abortion not being available in Missouri by week’s end, but the truth, as… Read More

4 years ago

Missouri Governor Mike Parson Signs “Missouri Stands For the Unborn Act,”

By Missouri Right to Life Missouri Governor Mike Parson Today, Governor Parson signed into law the “Missouri Stands For the… Read More

4 years ago

Missouri House passes omnibus pro-life measure

By Dave Andrusko Gov. Mike Parson Yesterday, the Missouri House of Representatives gave overwhelming approval to an omnibus pro-life bill… Read More

4 years ago

Federal Judge denies preliminary injunction, upholds Missouri’s Pro-Life Regulations

Planned Parenthood Fails at Third Attempt to Eliminate Safety Provisions Designed to Protect Women’s Health, Missouri at an All-Time Low… Read More

4 years ago