Beyond parody: CRR’s “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby”

By Dave Andrusko If it wasn’t produced by the Center for Reproductive Rights in service of gathering signatures for an on-line abortion petition, I would be tempted to agree with many pro-lifers who asked of CRR’s “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby” ad: can this possibly be on the level? It must be a parody, right? Who …

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The “Gun-Shy” Pro-Abortion Litigators

By Dave Andrusko Today the pro-abortion site ran a piece by Nancy Northup of the Center for Reproductive Rights under the revealing headline, “The Abortion Battle: Are Pro-choice Litigators Gun-shy?” To jump ahead, in fact pro-abortionists are so gun-shy they won’t even MENTION what it is that they are gun-shy about!

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