Where do Senate Opponents Joe Manchin and Patrick Morrisey Stand on Amendment 1?

By Mary Anne Buchanan, West Virginians for Life Communications Director Passage of Amendment 1 in West Virginia on November 6 will return control of a state-funded abortion law to the West Virginia legislature where it belongs. In

West Virginians for Life annual convention anticipates November 6 vote on “Amendment 1”

By Mary Anne Buchanan, West Virginians for Life Program Director Kelly green and royal blue color everywhere along with “Yes on 1” centerpieces were a sight to behold at the annual West Virginians for Life State (WVFL)

Fighting pro-abortion lies about Amendment 1

By West Virginians for Life Much is being made about Amendment 1, which will be on the West Virginia ballot on November 6. It’s only on the ballot because of a herculean nonpartisan effort of 98 of

West Virginia’s unborn children deserve a senator who’s REALLY pro-life…

  Patrick Morrissey is pro-life. He opposes abortion on demand and he supports protection for unborn children. Patrick Morrissey, as attorney general, has filed briefs defending pro-life laws across the United States. Patrick Morrissey opposes using your

What is Amendment 1 and how would it stop state funding of abortion in West Virginia?

Editor’s note. This is based on materials provided by West Virginians for Life, NRLC’s state affiliate. In 2018, the West Virginia legislature passed the resolution for Amendment 1 by a bipartisan majority of more than 2/3’s in

Constitutional Amendment 1 to Stop State Funding of Abortion

This year, the West Virginia Legislature passed a proposed constitutional amendment, which will be on the ballot at the November election. Please vote for Amendment 1 which says: “Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right

National Right to Life endorses Patrick Morrisey for West Virginia Senate, opposes Joe Manchin

WASHINGTON –National Right to Life today announced its endorsement of pro-life Attorney General Patrick Morrisey in West Virginia’s U.S. Senate election. Morrisey is challenging Sen. Joe Manchin, who is seeking a second full term. “National Right to

Amendment 1 Stops Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

Editor’s note. The following is a letter to the editor written by Wanda Franz. Ph.D., president of West Virginians for Life. In a recent Letter to the Editor, a contributor wrote that we should vote no on

Pro-life candidates fare well in West Virginia primaries

By West Virginians for Life The brightest light in the 2018 primary election returns Tuesday was the win of Attorney General Patrick Morrisey in the Republican primary for the United States Senate. West Virginians for Life Political

With vote in WV House, pro-life resolution SJR 12 Becomes Amendment 1

Voters will decide in November referendum Earlier today, the West Virginia House, following in the footsteps of the Senate, passed SJR 12 by a decisive vote of 73-26. As a result Amendment 1, which would return the

West Virginia House Judiciary passes SJR 12

By West Virginians for Life On Wednesday, the West Virginia House Judiciary Committee passed SJR 12 which would return the state Constitution to a neutral position on abortion and abortion funding. It reads, “Nothing in the Constitution

West Virginia Senate overwhelmingly passes SJR 12 to rectify pro-abortion state Supreme Court decision

On Friday, the West Virginia Senate passed SJR 12 by a 25-9 vote to provide for a Constitutional Amendment on abortion funding. The Amendment would likely be up for ratification during the 2018 election cycle. The purpose