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Millennials, the Holocaust, & Roe v. Wade

By Katie Franklin Last week, a new survey was released on Holocaust Remembrance Day, revealing an astonishing finding: Two-thirds of US millennials don’t know what Auschwitz is. Leaders from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany,

The positive ripple effects of “rolling back” Roe v. Wade

By Dave Andrusko Since this is the last post of the day, let me get right to it. The Abortion Industrial Complex has known for years and years that no matter how many misrepresented polls they trot

Reflections on the anniversary of Dred Scott and its uncanny parallels to Roe v. Wade

By Dave Andrusko Tip of the hat to POLITICO for an excellent piece by Andrew Glass reminding us that it was this day, 161 years ago, that the Supreme Court handed down its awful Dred Scott v. Sanford

Pro-Life, Pro-Science: How advances lift the curtain on Roe

By John Stonestreet with G. Shane Morris One side of the political aisle likes to paint itself as pro-science. But when it comes to this most controversial social issue, science won’t toe their party line. Writing at

Through it all, “those 44 pro-life warriors never complained”

By Steve Rupp, President, Missouri Right to Life On the solemn occasion of the 45th anniversary of Roe v Wade, 44 pro-life warriors got on a bus at 8:00 am Thursday, January 18th in Arnold, Missouri to

Harry Blackmun’s daughter speaks about her father’s Roe v. Wade decision

By Sarah Terzo (The following is taken from Anne Hendershott’s, The Politics of Abortion, where Hendershott analyzes what Justice Blackmun’s daughter, Sally Blackmun, wrote in her introduction to Gloria Feldt’s book, The War on Choice.) Sally Blackmun,

“60 Minutes Rewind” makes available program on abortion that first ran in May 1972

By Dave Andrusko This week, the week of the 45th anniversary of the wretched Roe v. Wade decision, CBS News ran what it calls “60 Minutes Rewind.” It was a program that aired May 14, 1972 with

45 Years After Roe, Abortion–Not Children–is More Unwanted Than Ever

By Peggy Hartshorn, Ph.D. Forty-five years ago this week, I received the shock of my life. Driving up High Street, my local NPR radio station delivered unthinkable news. Seven Supreme Court justices had, in effect, made abortion

The fateful 19 months that culminated in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton

By Dave Andrusko As we reflect back today on Roe v. Wade’s and Doe v. Bolton‘s 45 year reign, it’s helpful to both veterans and newcomers to our Movement to talk about what took place the year

Exposing Roe v. Wade’s soft jurisprudential underbelly

By Dave Andrusko Today is the March for Life and Monday is the 45th anniversary of one of the bleakest days in American history–January 22, 1973–when seven justices blissfully embraced judicial activism to eliminate the abortion statutes

“Miss Norma”: So much more than Jane Roe

By Melissa Clement Editor’s note. This appeared on the blog of Nevada Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate as a tribute to Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade, when she died last year. It

How Roe v. Wade subverted the Fourteenth Amendment to impose abortion on demand

By Paul Stark, Communications Associate, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life In 1868, in the wake of the Civil War, the Fourteenth Amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution. It affirms (in part): “No State shall … deprive