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“Reproductive rights” will “not be the answer to our happiness, success, or development as a society”

By WeNeedaLaw Editor’s note. WeNeedaLaw is a Canadian-based pro-life organization. Nearly 50 years ago, a group of women calling themselves the Abortion Caravan travelled across Canada to storm Parliament, demanding easier access to abortion. They rallied, they

Pregnant Olivia Wilde Voting For ‘Reproductive Rights’

By Katie Yoder This November, Olivia Wilde is casting her vote for “reproductive rights,” something she defines as a “basic human right.” In a YouTube video released Tuesday, the 32-year-old actress encouraged Americans to vote based on

What Women Want

By Rai Rojas Editor’s note: This first appeared on Rai’s blog. In a few hours thousands of women representing hundreds of organizations, some which profit directly from abortion, will ask and lobby the United Nations to adopt

Pro-abortion Population Institute gives United States a D+ on “reproductive rights and health”

By Dave Andrusko Continuing our series of posts explaining how pro-abortionists are treating what happened in 2015 and what they are (gloomily) forecasting for 2016, at this point I’d be talking about “Who Decides? The Status of

What can we learn from a pro-abortion legal advocacy organization’s summary of 2015 state legislation?

By Dave Andrusko Kudos to The Hill for running a story that alerted me to a new report from the Center for Reproductive Rights–“2015 State of the States: Fighting Back by Pushing Forward.” Having read the 32-page

Why abortion is not a “reproductive right”

By Jonathon Van Maren This week, my colleagues and volunteers and I are at the University of Central Florida, debating university students on abortion and making the case, through conversational apologetics and abortion victim photography, that abortion

Pro-abortionist offers five “simple fixes” to make media coverage even more pro-abortion

  By Dave Andrusko Okay, since pro-lifers are likened to those who question gravity (when we aren’t lying), I suppose I should take offense at Amanda Marcotte’s “Five Ways to Ensure Scientifically Accurate Reporting on Reproductive Rights”

Pro-abortion editorial runs off the deep end, reminding us who real “extremists” are

  By Dave Andrusko Full-throated, pedal to the metal editorials by pro-abortion newspapers are—as strange as it sounds—very much worth the time of pro-lifers to read. In this case I’m thinking of the 987-word skein that ran

On “Reproductive Rights, “ NARAL gives nation a D-

  By Dave Andrusko On Wednesday we will provide a more detailed critique of NARAL’s 23rd annual “Who Decides? The Status of Women’s Reproductive Rights in the United States,” which was formally released today. As is NARAL’s

Life and death and the womb

By Ellie Saul Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a blog entry that was posted on March 7. Sunday a beautiful, young Jewish couple was tragically killed in a hit and run in New York on the

Pro-abortion video attempts to equate abortion with haircuts and face painting

By Kristi Burton Brown Editor’s note. This appeared today at http://liveactionnews.org/pro-abortion-video-attempts-to-equate-abortion-with-haircuts/ Talk about strange. And rather senseless. NARAL has come out with a new video to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The pro-abortion organization’s

Obama administration laments abortion setback at the UN

By Lisa Correnti WASHINGTON, D.C., January 17, 2013, (C-FAM.org) — The Obama administration told abortion advocates last week it will not be able to push for “sexual rights” in UN funding talks this spring because of the