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Rasmussen Poll finds majority believes abortion morally wrong, gradual increase in number who self-identify as pro-life

By Dave Andrusko For whatever reason, the results from the Rasmussen Reports on the abortion issue tend to be less favorable to the pro-life side than almost any other respected source. Today’s numbers are slightly better-than-usual from

New Poll Shows Pro-Life Majority on abortion

By Dave Andrusko As you would expect from National Right to Life, NRLC studies polling data on abortion with exquisite care. But because the nation’s largest and most effective pro-life organization knows that most people don’t have

More than four in five Americans support major limitations on abortion, KOC poll shows

By Dave Andrusko A new Marist poll conducted for the Knights of Columbus reveals that 83% of Americans favor significant limitations on what is now essentially abortion on demand. That is up 4 points from last year.

For multiple reasons Gallup Data Offers Hope to Pro-Lifers

By Michael J. New Editor’s note. There is still time to register for the National Right to Life convention June 28 -30 and to reserve a hotel room at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in  Arlington, Virginia.