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American Medical Association Has a Lot to Learn About Pro-Life Centers

By Pregnancy Help News Why is the nation’s largest group of physicians and medical students shilling for the lethal, failing abortion industry? That’s the question Pregnancy Help News editor Jay Hobbs poses in a Thursday morning op-ed at

NEW REPORT: Pro-Life Centers are outdistancing Planned Parenthood on Google

By Jay Hobbs A new report is out, and the numbers aren’t looking good for the failing abortion industry and its flagship corporation, Planned Parenthood. Despite billions in income—including $543.7 million in taxpayer funding per year just to

Ex-Planned Parenthood VP Launches New Effort to Slam Pro-Life Centers

By Jay Hobbs A new effort to undermine and oppose pro-life pregnancy centers offering women a chance to choose life over abortion is now underway, and this time, it’s a former Planned Parenthood vice president calling the

California Pro-Life Centers Waiting on Supreme Court to Take Up First Amendment Challenge

By Jay Hobbs Will California’s 200 pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics be forced by the state to advertise taxpayer-funded abortions on their own dime? The answer will have to wait until at least Sept. 25, after

What if Pro-Life Centers Were as Bad as Big Abortion Says They Are?

By Jay Hobbs Three headlines have popped up in the past two weeks to prompt a hypothetical question: What if “they” were right? What if every slander of pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics was the absolute,