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Ex-Planned Parenthood VP Launches New Effort to Slam Pro-Life Centers

By Jay Hobbs A new effort to undermine and oppose pro-life pregnancy centers offering women a chance to choose life over abortion is now underway, and this time, it’s a former Planned Parenthood vice president calling the

California Pro-Life Centers Waiting on Supreme Court to Take Up First Amendment Challenge

By Jay Hobbs Will California’s 200 pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics be forced by the state to advertise taxpayer-funded abortions on their own dime? The answer will have to wait until at least Sept. 25, after

What if Pro-Life Centers Were as Bad as Big Abortion Says They Are?

By Jay Hobbs Three headlines have popped up in the past two weeks to prompt a hypothetical question: What if “they” were right? What if every slander of pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics was the absolute,