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Pro-abortion activist charged for violent assault against Toronto pro-life students

By Calvin Freiburger TORONTO, Ontario, October 29–A young pro-abortion activist caught on video physically attacking a group of pro-life protesters at Ryerson University in Toronto has been charged with assault and assault with a weapon. During an

The truth that NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and their legion of media enablers will go to any lengths to keep hidden

By Dave Andrusko We all know that when pro-life Texas Gov. Rick Perry signs HB 2 into law, this pro-unborn child, pro-woman legislation will be challenged in court. But the ongoing battle—which actually has been part and

Pro-Life Majority in Texas ignored by media

By Jim Graham Executive Director, Texas Right to Life Friend — So there I was, encircled by a diabolical conga line of abortion supporters who were exclaiming “Hail Satan” and other chants. I can’t even put into