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Politico Calls Dem Women ‘Turbocharged’ to Vote, But GOP Women Are Almost the Same

By Randy Hall Reporting on poll results might seem like an easy task, especially during a midterm election. However, Politico’s chief polling analyst Steven Shepard would benefit from revisiting the old adage that “there are lies, damn

Don’t buy the narrative, it’s just intended to help pro-abortion Democrats

By Dave Andrusko For the last post of the week (as I often do), a few thoughts about President Trump’s approval rating and what is known as the “generic ballot“ where pollsters ask people which party they

Media loathing for President Trump leads them astray just as it did in 2016

By Dave Andrusko What a coincidence. I was just about to write a post in which I had begun by thanking people for their kind responses to “The deceitful three-pronged pro-abortion attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh” that

Of all places, CNN writes comprehensively about abortion polling

By Dave Andrusko When outlets such as CNN figure out that “Support for abortion rights depends on how you ask the question,” you can’t help but wonder what discovery is next? Perhaps that the sun rises in

Pro-Life Rep. Paul Ryan Re-elected Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House Pro-life Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

Pro-life work in 2016 elections paying dividends for unborn babies By Karen Cross, National Right to Life political director Pro-life Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has been overwhelmingly reelected as Speaker of the House. Pro-life Sen. Mitch McConnell

Donald Trump’s numbers continue to rise in key “swing state” four days out from Election Day

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This appears on page one of the November digital “Election Issue” of National Right to Life News. PLEASE immediately forward the entire issue to pro-life friends and family. If there’s anything we

Trump and Clinton tied, but Clinton losing battle of enthusiasm and honesty/trustworthiness

By Dave Andrusko In six days the most topsy turvy election of my lifetime will end, culminating in the election of our 45th President. Naturally, we will continue to post daily updates on the electoral lay of

More pro-abortion push-polling to get the “right” answer

By Dave Andrusko For today’s installment of “Do they honestly think we’re THAT stupid?,” I offer you a new poll commissioned by the National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH), another pro-abortion front group. To be clear, this

Digging beneath the surface of new poll reveals many extremely encouraging nuggets

By Dave Andrusko All polls on abortion must be read carefully, but that is especially true for one released November 19: “US opinion torn on Texas abortion law as Supreme Court readies to hear arguments.” I strongly

Why are political polls increasingly so inaccurate?

By Dave Andrusko Last week, when NRL Political Director Karen Cross wrote about the November 3 victory of pro-lifer Matt Bevin in the Kentucky gubernatorial contest, she mentioned that, once again, the polls were way off. Those

Pro-abortionist grasps that polls are moving, but miss they are moving in the direction of life

By Dave Andrusko Talk about a clash of cultures. There I was Sunday afternoon, waiting in my car for my son to arrive from work, listening with rapt attention to coverage of Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia

CNN poll finds that 58% believes abortion should be illegal in most circumstances

By Dave Andrusko Sometimes what appears to be almost a throwaway line in a news story is important, not because it tells us something new (although it might) but because it acknowledges a truth which rarely sees