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Polish Parliament rejects proposal to “liberalize” abortion laws

By Dave Andrusko Poland is a very pro-life country, which pro-abortionists were reminded of once again on Wednesday. Currently, abortions are legal only through the 12th and only in cases of rape or incest, “the pregnancy poses

Polish Prime Minister supports ban on eugenic abortions

By Dave Andrusko In an interview with the Gosc Niedzielny Catholic weekly, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo signaled her strong support for a draft law that would ban eugenic abortions. “I am sure that the bill will

Polish Lawmakers Support Measure to Ban Abortion

By Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues Debate has begun in Poland over whether or not to ensure complete protection for unborn children from the violence of abortion as an overwhelming majority of lawmakers supported a citizen’s initiative

Poland: Parliament to Debate Abortion Legislation This Fall

The Polish Sejm [parliament] is set to debate two competing bills on the legality of abortion. A pro-life bill backed by the Catholic Church that would enact a total ban on abortion was presented to the parliament

Baby is born to mom 55 days after she is declared brain-dead

By Dave Andrusko The medical community in Poland is hailing it as nothing short of a miracle. “Baby Wojtus” was born two months after his mother was declared brain-dead and, according to the Daily Mail, was recently

Polish baby survives 24-week abortion but left unattended, dies after crying and screaming for an hour

Medical tests suggested baby had Down syndrome By Dave Andrusko A polish publication has reported that on March 7, a baby survived an abortion at 24 weeks but that doctors and medical staff at Holy Family Hospital

Warsaw hospital head sacked for refusing to refer for abortion

  By Michael Cook The director of a hospital in Warsaw has been dismissed because he refused to refer a woman for an abortion. The case has become a cause celebre in Poland, leading to protests from

Polish conscience tested: the case of Professor Chazan

  By Natalia Dueholm WARSAW, Poland — The most recent case in Poland’s abortion wars will test the country’s conscience. The case centers around Professor Bogdan Chazan, one of Poland’s top doctors and director of the Holy

Polish baby girl who survived “failed” 22-week abortion dies three weeks later

  By Natalia Dueholm The baby girl who survived an abortion died on Friday, February 28, 2014. She lived about three weeks, fighting problems due to her premature birth. She had Down’s syndrome, as well as heart