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Step-by-step SB 2494 is steadily advancing in Tennessee Legislature

Would prioritize Title X funds away from PPFA and to public health departments In his first official act the newly-elected pro-abortion governor of New Jersey restored state funding for Planned Parenthood, overturning the pro-life funding policies of

Tennessee Senate committee to vote on prioritizing Title X away from PPFA and to public health departments

Editor’s note. The followed is based on an alert distributed by Tennessee Right to Life. Following an approval today from the Tennessee House Health Committee of HB 2262, the Senate companion bill, SB 2494, will be heard

Court of Appeals says Kansas can’t cut off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood

By Dave Andrusko On Wednesday a three-judge panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals left in place a lower court injunction preventing Kansas from cutting off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood Great Plains which has two

Planned Parenthood Official Upset that New Technology can “personalize” the unborn

By Sarah Terzo Pro-life writer Prof. William Brennan wrote: “At a National Abortion Federation meeting in May 1982, Alfred Moran, Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood of New York, warned his cohorts that “we are prepared to

Time for Planned Parenthood’s to roll out its latest “nationwide initiative”

By Dave Andrusko As Planned Parenthood navigates the internal politics of choosing a successor to Cecile Richards, the nation’s largest abortion provider “announced a nationwide initiative to expand access to abortion, birth control and reproductive health care,”

Interest groups jockey for position to replace Cecile Richards as head of Planned Parenthood

By Dave Andrusko Outsiders and, for all we know, many of the insiders don’t know exactly why Cecile Richards gave up her powerful (and lucrative) position as President of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading (by a mile)

Teen Vogue Writer Raises $5.7K for Planned Parenthood Valentines

By Katie Yoder Journalism is turning into activism for one Teen Vogue writer. On Feb. 4, Lauren Duca, known for her writing at Teen Vogue, asked her Twitter followers to donate to Planned Parenthood in Fox News

Planned Parenthood accidentally tweets about ‘baby’ doctors saved while in the womb

MARYLAND-– A Planned Parenthood affiliate tweeted, and then deleted, an article about a “baby” who successfully underwent surgery while still in the womb. Planned Parenthood of Maryland tweeted a beautiful baby picture which linked to an amazing

Cecile Richard officially resigns. What is ahead for the outgoing CEO of Planned Parenthood?

Cecile Richards

By Dave Andrusko Tip of the hat to Life News for reporting this afternoon that “In a new email today to donors of the Planned Parenthood abortion business, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards confirms that she is

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Stepping Down Part One:

PPFA's Cecille Richards

Leaving a Legacy of More Than 3.5 Million Lost Lives By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRLC Director of Education & Research Editor’s note. When this story was first written this morning, PPFA President Cecile Richards was still

Media Mourn Loss of Planned Parenthood Prez, Hope She Runs for Office

By Katie Yoder As the news broke that Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards is reportedly stepping down from her position, many in the media took the opportunity to celebrate her legacy – and to hope that she

Planned Parenthood Gives Out 10 Media Awards for ‘Unbiased’ ‘Activism’

Cecile Richards

By Katie Yoder The ties between the media and the abortion industry go deep. For proof, look no further than the 280 awards Planned Parenthood has bestowed upon the media – including 10 this year. On Monday,