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New York City, State, Ramp Up Hostility to Pro-Life Efforts to Save Babies

By Jay Hobbs For the past 33 years, Chris Slattery has committed himself to rescuing as many lives as possible in the top abortion destination in the U.S. For almost as many years, the City and State

BATTLE IN THE BRONX: New York City Pro-Life Center Fights Bogus Attack from City Bureaucrats

By Jay Hobbs In the latest chapter of a saga that dates back to 2011, Chris Slattery of EMC Pregnancy Centers found himself before a New York City administrative court judge Dec. 13, pushing back against a

New York’s Highest Court finds that “aid-in-dying” is assisted suicide and there is no right to assisted suicide

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition commends the New York Court of Appeals for the unanimous ruling the state’s highest court made Thursday in Myers v. Schneiderman. The court found

NY High Court Rejects Assisted Suicide Right

By Wesley J. Smith There is no constitutional right to assisted suicide, so the courts keep ruling. The Supreme Court of United States rejected an assisted suicide Roe v. Wade 9-0 in 1997 State supreme courts have

Disability activists rally against assisted suicide at NY court of appeals

Editor’s note. This was posted by the disability rights organization Not Dead Yet. According to New York Law Journal the plaintiffs are “challenging whether two anti-assisted suicide statutes in state Penal Law apply to physicians and, if

Trolling for PPFA support, NY Gov. Cuomo calls for Constitutional Amendment to “codify” Roe v. Wade

Pro-abortion NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards on Monday. (Hans Pennink / AP)

By Dave Andrusko It is the least best kept secret in New York state politics that Democratic pro-abortion-to-the-maximum Gov. Andrew Cuomo has presidential fever, big time. He really does think there is a nationwide audience for his

Media Silence: NYC Abortion Rate Is 60% of Birth Rate

By Katie Yoder Over Thanksgiving weekend, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly released its latest Abortion Surveillance report for 2013. That is a year remembered by the pro-life movement for the trial and conviction

Camp Esther: Building pro-life youth who will change the culture

Camp Esther campers

By Alison Stevens, New York State Right to Life For eight years, Camp Esther has been taking young people who comprehend the preciousness of every life – no matter the age or health or level of dependency

New York State Right to Life Committee PAC Endorses Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump

The New York State Right to Life Committee PAC is supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Mr. Trump has met the criteria of the PAC on the life issues and

One New York abortion activist is fighting to keep funding for car seats away from women in need

By Jay Hobbs Maybe now would be a good time to drop the pretense and start calling things what they are. In New York City, where four in 10 pregnancies end in abortion, Bridge to Life offers

New York State’s First Ultrasound Bus to Hit the Road

By Gayle Irwin “I don’t believe we’re reaching as many abortion-vulnerable women as we can,” Ellen Brignola MS, FNP-BC said. Brignola, who serves as executive director of Alight Care Center in Troy, New York, isn’t content to

Death measure wins narrow approval in New York Assembly Health Committee

Having rushed the “Medical Aid in Dying Act”– A10059/S7579 was introduced just two weeks ago– the New York Assembly Health Committee yesterday narrowly approved the measure, 14-11. Eight Democratic members of the committee are sponsors of the