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Judge upholds Missouri law regulating chemical abortions

By Dave Andrusko In April when we last reported on Missouri’s law governing chemical abortions, U.S. District Judge Beth Phillips had just heard testimony in a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood Great Plains and Planned Parenthood of

Missouri pro-life budget on way to Gov. Greitens

By Dave Andrusko Pro-abortionists are seething now that the new Missouri budget has not only stopped state Medicaid dollars from going to abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood but has also set aside some $6.5 million for

Updating PPFA’s challenges to pro-life Missouri law SB5

By Dave Andrusko On Thursday the Kansas City Star provided a useful summary/update of one phase of the ongoing abortion battle in Missouri. Judy L. Thomas’s story is titled, “Battle over medication abortion rages on in challenge

Pro-abortionists challenging Missouri’s “commonsense regulations designed to protect the health and safety of women”

By Dave Andrusko On November 9, when last we visited Planned Parenthood’s court challenge to what it called Missouri’s “medication [chemical] abortion complication plan,” U.S. District Judge Beth Phillips had just denied Planned Parenthood’s request for a

Missouri Health Department denies PPFA application to perform chemical abortions in Springfield

By Dave Andrusko Missouri is a very pro-life state, which includes a deep concern for the health of abortion-minded women. That is why Missouri’s omnibus SB 5 law passed in 2017 during a special session of the

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act moves to Senate after Missouri House overwhelmingly passes H.B. 1266 on vote of 117-31

Already the law in 16 states By Dave Andrusko On Tuesday the Missouri House of Representatives gave final approval to H.B. 1266 which would protect unborn babies from abortion who are 20 weeks and older, a developmental

Missouri House initially votes to pass Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Already the law in 16 states By Dave Andrusko Step by step by step, more and more states are moving forward to join the 16 states which have already enacted the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Yesterday

Missouri Supreme Court hears Satanic Temple challenge to Missouri informed consent law

By Dave Andrusko When last we wrote about the legal challenge brought by an adherent of the Satanic Temple to Missouri’s 72-hour waiting period/informed consent law, the Western District Court of the Missouri Court of Appeals had just

Planned Parenthood laments costs of needing access to an OB-GYN when women are injured in chemical abortions

By Dave Andrusko Talk about a conduit. Whenever the abortion industry feels the heat, it knows it can plant long, sympathetic stories in the local media. There will be a paragraph or two (sometimes) explaining why whatever

Pro-lifers win again in Court in Missouri

U.S. District Judge Beth Phillips

By Dave Andrusko Pro-lifers in Missouri are on a roll in the courts, specifically as it relates to SB 5 which was passed this summer in a special session called by Gov. Eric Greitens. The most recent

Planned Parenthood’s New Lawsuit Reveals Lack of Concern for Women and Unwillingness to be Held Responsible for Emergencies from Abortion

Editor’s note. The following comes from Steve Rupp, Missouri Right to Life President. Missouri Right to Life and pro-life Missourians across the State of Missouri are not surprised that Planned Parenthood seeks, once again, to divert responsibility

Planned Parenthood files lawsuit against another component of Missouri’s SB 5

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley

By Dave Andrusko Hewing to the adage if at first (second and third) you don’t succeed, try, try again, two Missouri-based Planned Parenthood affiliates filed a federal lawsuit yesterday seeking a temporary restraining order to block enforcement