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Maryland Pregnancy Clinic to Defend Life

By Karen Ingle If not for then-Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson and his wife Kirsten, Maryland’s Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic staff might today be defending life without their strongest weapon. The clinic’s long-lived ultrasound machine lingered just

“Little Shop of Horrors” Abortion Mill Transformed into Life-Saving Center

By Jay Hobbs The very room once used to end lives through abortion in Elkton, Md., is now the setting where countless women will meet their children for the first time via ultrasound through the building’s new

12 ounce preemie goes home for the first time from Maryland NICU

Ariana Sophia Cruz-Gutierrez's birth was induced in March, and she weighed 350 grams or 12 ounces, equivalent to three sticks of butter. She went home last Thursday. She is the smallest surviving premature infant born at Anne Arundel Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Weighed the equivalent of three sticks of butter at birth By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. My family and I will be on vacation through August 25. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part

Former Abortion Clinic Converted to House of Hope

By Jay Hobbs The very room once used to end lives through abortion in Elkton, Md., is now the setting where countless women will meet their children for the first time via ultrasound through the building’s new

Maryland Right to Life Plays Key Role In Stopping Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill

Maryland pro-lifers are rejoicing that the latest attempt to pass a Physician-Assisted Suicide law (PAS) has failed, the third time such proposed legislation has been rejected in as many years. The victory came despite early rumors from

The Danger from Physician-Assisted Suicide Prescriptions is Real

Editor’s note. The story below was posted last week on the site of Maryland Against Physician Assisted Suicide. The good news is that the latest attempt in Maryland to pass an assisted suicide measure has failed. “The

Maryland Senate: Where do Kathy Szeliga and Chris Van Hollen Stand on Abortion?

By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director Every election year, National Right to Life publishes downloadable comparison flyers about the various Senate candidates. The downloadable version for Maryland’s “Where do the Senate Candidates Stand on

Maryland Pro-Life Outreach Opening Two New Locations

Cecil County Pregnancy Center celebrating one of its two new locations through partnerships with local churches.Photo Courtesy: Dan Mohler

By Karen Ingle Dan Mohler knew there had to be a better way to serve the women of Cecil County, Md. Far too often, when his pregnancy center’s phone rang, a woman on the other end said,

Man charged with second-degree murder in death of 20-week pregnant woman

Thierry Nkusu, left, has been charge in the fatal stabbing of Maria Mbunga, right, in Takoma Park, MD. (Takoma Park Police Department photos)

Baby did not survive By Dave Andrusko Last Wednesday, police in Tacoma Park, Maryland were called about a man in the lobby of an apartment building said to be bleeding from a stab wound in the stomach.

Facing certain defeat, Maryland Senate Sponsor withdraws doctor-prescribe suicide bill

By Jeffrey D. Meister, director of Administration and Legislation, Maryland Right to Life After intense effort by Maryland Right to Life and coalition partners throughout Maryland, the Senate sponsor of Doctor-Prescribed Suicide, Senator Ron Young, chose to

Assisted Suicide Proponents Wilt After Tough Questioning by Committee

Proponents of physician-assisted suicide struggled to answer the tough questions thrown at them at last week’s Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing on SB 418. The Committee met late into the night with Senators raising significant concerns

Mental Health Concerns Cannot Be Ignored in Assisted Suicide Debate

Editor’s note. Maryland’s HB 404 would legalize physician-assisted suicide. During the House committee hearing on HB 404, the lead proponent of the bill from Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society) argued with a straight-face that requiring