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Languages Understood in the Womb: A Recent Study Unintentionally Celebrates Life

By Andrew Wood I recently came across an article referencing a study performed by the University of Kansas on a fetus’ ability to distinguish between languages while in utero. This article wasn’t written by the pro-life lobby or

Incredible! Babies start learning languages in the womb

Not only can a baby in the womb hear your voice, she can distinguish between different languages. Editor’s note. This was published in a slightly different form on the blog of SPUC–the Society for the Protection of

Finding a common language to speak with us who are unclear where they stand on abortion

By Dave Andrusko As we end another week of exciting pro-life news, I got to thinking about an article I once read at Inside Higher Education headlined “Snapshot Dissertation.”(I had an intuition what the subject matter might

Lessons in Language

By Philippa Taylor Editor’s note. This appeared on the official blog of the British Christian Medical Fellowship. I was intrigued to read the following short tweet by the pro-abortion organisation, ‘Education for Choice’, during the recent discussion