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Something profoundly cold and inhumane has entered Irish politics under the guise of ‘freedom’ and ‘choice’

By Dave Andrusko The vise continues to close tighter around the throats of unborn children in Ireland. Once among the most protective countries in the world, the Republic of Ireland seems bent on mimicking the worst pro-abortion

Ireland to Force Pro-life Pregnancy Centers and Doctors to Promote and Refer for Abortion

By Katie Franklin Seven months after Irish voters overwhelmingly chose to repeal the country’s long-standing prohibition on abortion, Parliament is on the verge of legalizing the fatal practice by January 1. Rife with controversial mandates, the bill

Support the Fighting Irish Doctors and Nurses

By Nancy Valko I have always been proud of my Irish heritage so I was especially shocked when a voter referendum in Ireland in May 2018 overwhelmingly approved removing Ireland’s long-standing, constitutional protections for unborn babies and

Pro-abortion Minister for Health Harris’s leadership by soundbite leads to ethical abyss

By Dave Andrusko NRL News Today has carefully followed the long and tortuous path that brings us to the tragic reality of abortion in Ireland today. There was the lengthy runup to the initial debate whether to

Meeting of Irish GPs thrown into chaos as at least 50 members walk out in protest because they are being ignored in the formation of abortion legislation

By Dave Andrusko Frustration over the militancy of pro-abortionists following the repeal of the pro-life 8th amendment to the Irish Constitution boiled over yesterday in an extraordinary general meeting of the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP)

Abortion extremism on display in Ireland: Health minister rejects amendment banning abortions based on disability

By Dave Andrusko As is ever and always the case, when pro-abortionists in Ireland, led by Minister of Health Simon Harris, were campaigning to delete the 8th Amendment from the Irish Constitution, they assured constituents that the

Two thirds of Irish GPs can’t or won’t perform abortions

640 general practitioners have signed a petition raising concerns over the government’s plan to press ahead with a GP-led abortion service in Ireland. The Government’s refusal to listen to concerns is causing major discontent By SPUC—the Society

Irish Abortion Bill Easily Passes Second Stage Vote

Editor’s note. This appeared in Lifezine, the online publication of the Irish pro-life organization, Family and Life. The Dáil is the lower house of Parliament. TDs are members of the Dáil. Minister for Health Simon Harris’s abortion

Irish Health Minister Harris is wrong: evidence shows that people voted on the 8th amendment, not his bill

By Niamh Uí Bhriain, spokeswoman, Life Institute Editor’s note. Life Institute is a leading Irish pro-life organization. The 8th amendment to the Irish Constitution, which was vanquished in a May referendum, protected the equal right to life of

Irish MP quits party over abortion vote

Peter Fitzpatrick TD is resigning from Fine Gael and will stand as an independent. He previously called BPAS “horrifying” By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Pro-life TD (member of the Dail, the Irish parliament)

Irish Health Minister promoting one of most liberal abortion regimes in Europe

Editor’s note. The following post comes from the Irish pro-life group, Life Institute . Simon Harris is Ireland’s pro-abortion Health Minister. The Dáil is the lower house of the Irish Parliament. TDs are members of The Dáil.

Having sold its soul, now Ireland mortgages its future

By K.V. Turley Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared at LifeSite News. So the die is cast, the way ahead is clear, the course is set. Ireland’s Constitutional pro-life protection for the unborn