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“Unrepresentative sham” of a Citizen’s Assembly throws abortion referendum into dispute

Does this invalidate the whole process? Health Minister Simon Harris is also being cagey about the unrestricted abortion proposal. By SPUC—The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children The Citizen’s Assembly, set-up by the Irish government to

94 days to Save the 8th amendment to the Irish Constitution

The referendum date has been announced–but will a Supreme Court case throw a wrench in the works? By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children The referendum on repealing the Eighth Amendment is likely to be

Big decline in support for abortion on demand first twelve weeks in Irish public opinion polls

By Dave Andrusko Irish pro-lifers insisted from the get-go that once they began their grassroots campaign to educate the public, support for a government proposal that would legalize abortion on demand through 12 weeks would begin to

Support for extreme abortion proposal falls sharply in Ireland

16 point swing in just two week Has the rebellion begun? By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Two opinion polls published over the weekend are showing a drop in support for the Irish Government’s

Irish General Practitioners body to stay neutral in Eighth Amendment Referendum

“The decision from the ICGP not to endorse a YES vote in the referendum on repeal is significant and welcome.” A major blow to the repeal campaign. By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children The

All the pro-choice advocacy that’s fit to print

There’s nothing like abortion to generate fake news, as the Irish press exemplifies. By James Bradshaw The most prominent headline on the front page of a recent Irish Examiner proclaimed that “75% of doctors support 12-week access.”

One doctor reveals why she will be voting ‘NO’ on proposed changes to Irish law on abortion

GPs are not equipped to cope with what’s proposed on abortion, writes Dr. Máire Neasta Nic Gearailt Editor’s note. This article first appeared in the Irish Examiner on February 13. Dr. Máire Neasta Nic Gearailt is a

Irish Media totally misrepresents abortion poll results

By Dave Andrusko I write for a living and have for a long, long time. I have not seen many cheesier examples of hiding behind bogus excuses than what I read today in the Irish Examiner, a

“A dark day for our republic”: Irish Government confirms abortion referendum

An extreme proposal that will lead to abortion on demand By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Following a Cabinet meeting, the Irish Government has officially announced a referendum on abortion. Taoiseach [Prime Minister] Leo

Understanding the latest poll numbers showing support to repeal Ireland’s Protective “Eighth Amendment”

By Dave Andrusko On Thursday we wrote about how pro-lifers in the Republic of Ireland have stepped up their ground game and their social media outreach as they near the day when the Irish Parliament will decide

Irish pro-lifers to use on the ground canvassing, social media to fight pro-abortion referendum

By Dave Andrusko The Irish Times is about as pro-abortion as you can be short of actually performing abortions. The newspaper is a huge megaphone for the forces, largely external to Ireland, who have steadily worked for

Irish Prime Minister speculates new abortion proposal may be “a step too far”

By Dave Andrusko Following the first meeting of the Irish Cabinet in 2018, dominated by a two-hour discussion on the proposed referendum on the protective 8th Amendment, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar “has raised concern that the proposal