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Google tried to elect Hillary Clinton via Hispanic voter turnout, emails reveal

By Calvin Freiburger September 11, 2018 – One of the world’s most influential companies attempted to sway the 2016 presidential election to Hillary Clinton, according to an email chain newly obtained by Breitbart and Fox News. Google

A pro-abortion lovefest: Hillary Clinton interviews Cecile Richards

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation What happens when the most pro-abortion Presidential candidate in U.S. history interviews the nation’s best-known spokeswoman for the abortion industry? The answer is an unapologetic defense of abortion on

Hillary Clinton’s abortion sophistry: “Who decides?”

By Paul Stark In her book What Happened, Hillary Clinton recycles a decades-old slogan in defense of abortion: As I see it, the issue comes down to the question: Who decides? We can debate the morality of

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin fined $116K for failing to report payments to Hillary Clinton, senate candidate

By Calvin Freiburger MADISON, Wisconsin, April 4, 2018 – The Federal Elections Commission fined Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin for failing to report $116,898 in contributions to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Democratic Senate candidate Russ

CBS Continues Its Blackout of Hillary’s Mumbai Mess; Brief Coverage on ABC & NBC Sunday Shows

By Rich Noyes It’s been ten days since Hillary Clinton, on a visit to India, disparaged the voters who elected Donald Trump as President in 2016. This weekend, some Democrats openly broke with Clinton over the comments, while the

Another day, another absurd speech by Hillary Clinton

By Dave Andrusko Hillary Clinton’s remarks in India were so painfully tone-deaf, so guaranteed to be interpreted just as they were meant to be (an all-purpose assault on anyone who dared to vote for Donald Trump), and

Thinking ahead to Presidents’ Day, what if Hillary Clinton had won?

By Dave Andrusko Monday is Presidents’ Day and if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that many people have that Monday off and may (or may not) keep tabs on what’s going on. I’d like to make a few points

Gallup Poll’s New Math: Hillary’s ‘Most Admired’…at 61 Percent Disapproval

By Tim Graham One of the most annoying polling stories of the year is Gallup’s Most Admired poll, since it asks 1,000 Americans who they admire, and offers no menu of choices. Here’s the CNN.com headline this

‘Who decides?’ Hillary Clinton’s abortion sophistry

By Paul Stark Editor’s note. This appeared in the latest issue of National Right to Life News. Please read the entire issue and forward stories to your pro-life family and friends. In her book What Happened, Hillary

Networks Refuse to Acknowledge Revelation by Democratic Insider That Dem Primary Was ‘Rigged’ for Clinton

By Nicholas Fondacaro In an essay for Politico on Thursday, former interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile dropped a bombshell on the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. In the piece, which was an excerpt from

Facts Don’t Match! Columnist Fails to Show Hillary Is a ‘Tough But Fair Media Critic’

By Tim Graham Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan veered into the absurd on Monday with a column that she summarized on Twitter:“Hillary Clinton thinks the news media was unfair to her. She’s right.” For example, “She

Feminist Media Agree ‘Tactful’ Obama ‘Right’ about Anti-Clinton Women

By Katie Yoder If empowering women means demeaning other women who disagree with you, then feminists – who claim to stand for all women – should want no part of it. But that irony was lost on