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France and Down Syndrome

The French government should learn from Charles de Gaulle By Eric Metaxas with Roberto Rivera One of the great men of French history had a daughter with a disability. His faith saw him—and her—through. Late last year

French law sanctions pro-lifers who practice free speech online

By Béatrice Fedor Belows is a video I made in French about the extension of the “délit d’entrave IVG” law. This new law is an extension of a 1993 law that forbids anyone to try to keep

France makes it official: fines and prison sentences for pro-lifers who practice free speech online

By Dave Andrusko It had all the signs of a done-deal last December–and it got done today. By a show of hands, French lawmakers passed a law this morning (in the loaded description of Politico.eu ] “sanctioning

French Senate Passes Pro-Life Website Ban

Bill could be used to restrict churches from teaching about abortion By Bill McMorris The French Senate adopted a bill that will make it a crime to post pro-life information on the internet on Wednesday. The Senate

Censoring the truth about Down Syndrome hurts everyone

By Leticia Velasquez, Co-founder, KIDS (Keep Infants with Down Syndrome) Last month the French State Council, the nation’s highest administrative court, upheld a decision by a broadcasting tribunal to ban a YouTube video made by an Italian

France Censors Down Syndrome Ad Over Abortion

By Wesley J. Smith Conscience is a good thing. It is the path to repentance, forgiveness, and healing. Take Project Rachel, the compassionate pro-life project that aids women overcome the grief and guilt some experience from having

French ratcheting up censorship of and coercion against pro-life websites

By Dave Andrusko Abridging free speech in France does not end with banning an enjoyable and affirming TV advertisement which (to quote Michael Cook) “ depicts Down syndrome children as loving, quirky, independent kids whose parents adore

Video banned in France because it features happy Down syndrome children

By Michael Cook France, the nation of liberté, égalité, fraternité. Yeah, right. But not for Down syndrome people. Last year the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo mocked a right-wing politician, Nadine Morano, with a cartoon on its cover

French government announces plan to criminalize websites opposing abortion

September 29, 2016 — The French minister for Families, Childhood and Women’s Rights is celebrating the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion with a plan to gag a number of websites that

France Senate Rejects Slow Motion Euthanasia Share

By Wesley J. Smith A bit ago I wrote about how the French Senate was considering legalizing terminal sedation as a way to kill the terminally ill. That column also distinguished between the slow motion euthanasia by

French parents fight to kill their disabled newborn

  By Cassy Fiano It is every expecting mother’s worst nightmare: going into premature labor and giving birth to a baby that cannot survive. Such is the situation that two French parents have found themselves in —

The President of France will face a strong opposition to legalizing euthanasia

  By Alex Schadenberg, International Chair – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition A panel of French citizens recently recommended that the Government of France legalize assisted suicide and a limited form of euthanasia. The panel of 18 French citizens