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Father’s Day, answering the call, and the Privilege of Faithfulness

By Dave Andrusko Beginning last week, in anticipation of Father’s Day, we’ve run new and old stories about men and abortion or, conversely, the beauty of being a dad. The following read several years back—it is a

Father’s Day, Men, and Abortion

Editor’s note. Father’s Day is not until June 17. Over the course of the next two weeks we’ll post new stories and repost others that directly address a portion of the abortion story that is too often

Reflections on Father’s Day, the day after

By Dave Andrusko Those of us guys who have never been in a life-and-death struggle to convince the woman in our life not to abort our child have an awful time trying to imagine what that would

Thoughts from a Dad as Father’s Day approaches

Editor’s note. As we near Father’s day, all this week we will be posting stories about men and abortion, including in the June digital edition of National Right to Life News which we will publish Wednesday. We’re

NFL Players’ Kids Wish Dads ‘Happy Father’s Day!’ In Heartwarming Ad

By Katie Yoder Looking for some good news this Father’s Day? Try this heartening video of kids saying what makes their dads special. To Americans, they’re NFL players. But to their kids, they’re just the best dads

Men, Father’s Day, and Abortion

Editor’s note. This Sunday is Father’s Day. For many men who have been a party to an abortion, this will be a grim reminder of obligations shirked and lives lost. This editorial appeared in the June digital

Supermarket chain releases touching video about the gift children are to parents

By Texas Right to Life Publix, a chain of grocery stores that dot the southeast United States, is known for addicting deli sandwiches – and touching Father’s Day and Mother’s Day advertisements . The message tends to

My Dad Showed Me What It Means to Be Pro-Life

By Micaiah Bilger, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation As Father’s Day approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my dad (and mom, too!) helped to influence my work here at the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. My dad

Jerome Lejeune Foundation Releases Video in Honor of Fathers, Father’s Day, and the blessings of children with Down Syndrome

By Dave Andrusko A few minutes ago I watched with delight “My Dear Dad.”  Whether you are a dad or not, whether your child has special needs or not, it’s only 1 minute, 26 seconds long and

Thoughts From a Dad on Father’s Day

Editor’s note. Father’s Day is this Sunday. We’re running two new stories about men, abortion, and Father’s Day in addition to this post which first ran way back in 1999. “Maybe we are all so starved for

Father’s Day, answered calls, and the privilege of faithfulness

By Dave Andrusko This Sunday is Father’s Day. Today we are running two items –one directly about men and abortion, the classic Phil McCombs’ column, “Remembering Thomas”–and another about the blessings and privileges of being a father.

Thoughts from a Dad as Father’s Day approaches

  Editor’s note. This Sunday is Father’s Day. We’ve run posts for almost two weeks in anticipation. We’ve talked mostly about Men and Abortion but also about dads stepping up and doing the right thing. Happy Father’s