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From neglected orphan to successful artist: Sevy’s story

Editor’s note. This is provided by the team at the Jerome Lejeune Foundation. Founded in 1996 by the Lejeune family to carry on the work of Professor Jérôme Lejeune, the Foundation is committed to research, care, and

The cutest thing you’ll watch all day: 50 moms sing with their kids who have Down syndrome

By Texas Right to Life Earlier this year, a group of mothers collaborated in a heartwarming video that sends an important message. The music video filmed in the style of Carpool Karaoke features 50 moms with their four-year-olds

Planned Parenthood’s Discrimination Against Babies with Down Syndrome

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation A new book puts into sharp focus abortion giant Planned Parenthood’s discrimination against babies with Down syndrome. In Mad Politics, Dr. Gina Loudon tells the story of her search

A much poorer world because of discrimination against babies with Down syndrome

By Dave Andrusko Yesterday we reposted a very thoughtful story written by Nancy Valko. Nancy wrote eloquently about a post composed by the highly influential bioethicist Arthur Caplan that ran under the headline, “Should It Be Harder

An “Acceptable” Prejudice

By Nancy Valko Editor’s note. This appeared on Nancy’s blog and is reposted with her permission. All emphases are Nancy’s. This week, Fox News had a story about John Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome who, with

Nearly 40% of Danish babies prenatally diagnosed with major congenital heart disease are aborted

By Dave Andrusko There was never any doubt that once prenatal screening becomes nearly universal that it would not only be babies diagnosed with Down syndrome who would be “terminated” in massive numbers. Denmark, along with Iceland

Dr. Jérôme Lejeune and “the symphony of life”

By Dave Andrusko Although it’s now almost two decades back, I confess I did not know nearly as much as I should have about Dr. Jérôme Lejeune until he testified in Davis v. Davis, a 1989 custody

Mum of ‘one in a million’ twin with Down’s syndrome: “Our family is unique and I wouldn’t change it for the world”

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children When doctors told Todd and Nicola Bailey that their twin daughter Harper had Down’s syndrome, they broke the news by saying, “I’m so sorry”. But the proud parents

How the debate over aborting babies with Down syndrome is altering the abortion landscape

By Dave Andrusko Ruth Graham has probed two abortion-related topics much more even-handedly that we would ever expect from the redundantly pro-abortion Slate on-line magazine. Earlier today we posted an analysis of her take on APR (Abortion

True treasures whose lives should be cherished and celebrated

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation She is a faithful volunteer–a leader really–who approaches her work at the church with diligence and determination. She also happens to have Down syndrome. The young woman is such

Protecting Children with Down Syndrome

By Maria Gallagher Children with Down syndrome would experience new protection, under bills being considered in the Pennsylvania legislature. The measures would ban the abortion of babies who have been diagnosed with Down syndrome in the womb.

Children with Down syndrome have the right to live even if you do not want them

An open letter to The Washington Post Editor Ruth Marcus: By David G. Lejeune, President, Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA Editor’s note. Mr. Lejeune drafted this open letter in response to The Washington Post op-ed titled “I would’ve aborted