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Lots to say about today’s avalanche of anti-Trump newspaper editorials

By Dave Andrusko Depending on who’s counting (or has the time to do an exhaustive search), between 200 and 300 newspapers sharpened their already razor-sharp knives today to slice and dice President Trump. As a near First

Have 100+ newspapers really thought through how it looks to collectively bash President Trump?

By Dave Andrusko This is the last post of the day and, as per custom, is (hopefully) brief. Yesterday, under the headline “Boston Globe calls for August 16 uniform editorial attack on President Trump,” I wrote about

Don’t buy the narrative, it’s just intended to help pro-abortion Democrats

By Dave Andrusko For the last post of the week (as I often do), a few thoughts about President Trump’s approval rating and what is known as the “generic ballot“ where pollsters ask people which party they

Trump reaches 50% approval in latest Rasmussen survey

By Dave Andrusko A quick post about President Trump’s approval numbers. Rasmussen Reports surveys tend to give the President higher numbers because they do not ask “adults” or “registered voters” but “likely voters.” But what is also

On a day like this…

By Dave Andrusko It’s on a day like this—less than 24 hours after President Trump nominated Judge Brett Cavanaugh to be the successor to Justice Anthony Kennedy–that everything pro-lifers have done over the decades is just a

Dramatically minimizing the pro-abortion impact of a “President Hillary Clinton”

By Dave Andrusko By almost all accounts, pro-life President Donald Trump will announce his nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Monday. Like many of you, I’ve read dozens of stories about the potential

President Trump to announce Supreme Court nominee July 9

By Dave Andrusko As you can imagine, the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and the all-guns-blazing resistance that has already begun by pro-abortionists were topics of great interest at last week’s annual National Right to Life Convention

President Trump’s approval highest in a year

By Dave Andrusko During the opening sessions of the 2018 National Right to Life Convention, attendees have been delighted to be reminded about all that pro-life President Trump has accomplished for our Movement. We will be writing

First 500 Days of Trump Administration Marked by Impressive Pro-Life Victories

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation The first 500 days of the Trump Administration have achieved impressive pro-life gains in the U.S. The President named Neil Gorsuch, a strict constructionist, to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Elle Praises New Planned Parenthood Tool That ‘Tracks Trump’

By Katie Yoder Planned Parenthood is focusing its efforts on specifically “tracking Trump” – and media are loving it. On Monday, women’s magazine Elle applauded the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, for creating a new “Tool That

The advances made on the life issues in President Trump’s first 500 days

By Dave Andrusko This morning the pro-life Trump Administration put out a summary of what it called, “President Donald J. Trump’s 500 Days of American Greatness.” As a single-issue pro-life organization, we focus only on the accomplishments

AP story on Trump no different than pro-abortion Talking Points Memo

By Dave Andrusko Before deconstructing a pro-abortion Talking Points Memo disguised as an Associated Press story, just a quick thought about pro-life President Donald Trump’s continuing improvement in public opinion polls. If you go to Real Clear