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‘Hercules’ actor Kevin Sorbo is unashamedly pro-life: ‘Never forget the babies slaughtered’ by abortion’

By Becky Yeh As one of the boldest pro-life voices in Hollywood, actor Kevin Sorbo is not afraid to speak out against abortion. Sorbo, known primarily for his role as the title character in Hercules and as

Brooke Shields reveals her mother was pressured to kill her in an abortion but refused

By Texas Right to Life Actress and model Brooke Shields began an iconic modeling career at just 11-months-old. From that bright start she weathered controversy and made a name as an actress and model, with much of

2018 Book Celebrates Hollywood Abortionist Who Did 50,000 Abortions

By Katie Yoder A new book is remembering the legacy of an abortionist whose services were “a kind of public utility, not unlike the water or fire department.” Except for that, instead of saving lives, she was

20 Women in Media, Hollywood Donate to Abortion for #GivingTuesday

By Katie Yoder It’s not enough that the media and entertainment industry give to abortion – they want other Americans to do the same. Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, encourages Americans to donate to charitable causes

100th Anniversary: 100 Celebrities Who Support Planned Parenthood

By Callista Ring Planned Parenthood celebrates its 100th anniversary this Sunday, October 16. Over the years, the organization, which has aborted 7 million babies since 1970 (according to pro-life organizations), has never been short of support from

Planned Parenthood Reveals THESE Media Partners in 2015 Annual Report

By Katie Yoder Planned Parenthood is revealing its influence on the media yet again – this time in its annual report. In late December, Planned Parenthood released its 2014 – 2015 annual report. Under “Top Achievements,” the

Familiar pro-abortion lament: “The Big A is treated as a dirty word” in popular culture

By Dave Andrusko I’ve never seen “Jane the Virgin” and (given my schedule) it’s highly unlikely I will. But when Salon politely trashes the show for insufficiently promoting the “pro-choice” agenda, I took time to carefully read

‘The View’ Calls Ben Carson ‘Pathetic,’ ‘Despicable’ for Abortion Comments

By Katie Yoder “How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.” That’s what The View ladies seemed to be telling Ben Carson during their show Monday. Over the weekend, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke

The good and the bad of “The Good Wife” episode on physician-assisted suicide

By Dave Andrusko First, the confession. I haven’t watched “The Good Wife” (it’s in its seventh season) this year and just stumbled across Episode Four last night. Although the show often parrots the anti-life line, on occasion

“Chains,” the blatantly anti-Catholic ad run to overturn Ireland’s Eighth Amendment

By Dave Andrusko I try always to be very careful about labeling something “anti-“this or “anti-“that. I don’t want to confuse a vigorous presentation, as unfair as it may be, with a blatant appeal to ugly prejudices.

‘The View’ Slams Kelsey Grammer for Wearing Pro-Life T-Shirt

By Katie Yoder Despite its many panelists, ABC’s The View has always pushed one view, and it certainly has never been conservative or pro-life. So imagine how the ladies at the liberal talk show reacted when actor

“It’s not your choice”: ABC’s ‘Good Wife’ tackles legal, ethical problems with surrogacy

By Lauren Enriquez Editor’s note. The endlessly fascinating CBS series, “The Good Wife,” begins its seventh season October 4. With that in mind, I thought it would timely to re-run this terrific analysis of an earlier episode