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Archbishop Dolan charges Democrats have slammed the door on Catholics

Party once embraced Catholics but no more By Dave Andrusko For those of us of a certain age, Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s op-ed in Friday’s Wall Street Journal, “The Democrats Abandon Catholics,” was painfully accurate, in fact excruciatingly so.

Cardinal urges Canadians to fight euthanasia proposals

By Simon Caldwell Editor’s note. This appeared in The Catholic Herald. A Canadian cardinal has condemned proposals to permit the euthanasia even of children, telling Catholics the plans should “shock us to the core”. Cardinal Thomas Collins,

Archbishop Chaput on “Public witness and Catholic citizenship”

  By Dave Andrusko Anyone who’s read NRL News Today for very long knows I am in the tank for Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia. Although a Protestant myself, I learn something important about how to understand

A Challenge to American Catholics

By Ernest Ohlhoff Editor’s note. Elsewhere today we are commenting on a remarkable column by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia. It is a reflection on “Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics,” which the

Evangelicals, Catholics, and abortion

By Dave Andrusko For months leading up the 40th anniversary of the wretched Roe v. Wade decision we ran dozens and dozens of stories to help put the January 22, 1973 decision in context. In the three

Catholic Vote Split Evenly Between Obama and Romney, Gallup Says, Went for Obama by Nine Points in 2008

By Dave Andrusko More data from Gallup confirms that President Barack Obama’s standing with Catholics is deteriorating. Catholics make up almost one in four voters in the United States today. Gallup’s daily tracking poll shows that Obama

Nearly 6 in 10 Catholics Disapprove of Obama’s Job Performance

By Dave Andrusko http://twitter.com/daveha As we discussed yesterday, the only way President Obama prevails on his bogus “compromise” is if opponents buy into the media portrait of the opposition losing steam (see The Hill newspaper) or losing

Catholics Come to DC to Pray and Witness for Life in Huge Numbers

By Susan E. Wills Despite stinky weather impeding travel from many parts of the country, Catholic pilgrims from all over the United States gathered in Washington to take part in liturgies, conferences, and youth rallies January 21-23,