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Woman reflects back on the baby she “didn’t want”

By Dave Andrusko I am giving a talk today to members of NRLC’s Academy. In addition to explaining how NRL News Today is composed and distributed, my goal is to make it more of a back-and-forth for

“The glimmer of life portrayed in sonogram images is a taste of the transcendent”

By Dave Andrusko “Seeing is believing” is one of those great aphorisms that can be taken in many directions. Probably the predominate explanation is simply that it implies skepticism until we can see something. Put another way,

Mother’s voice plays unique role in developing baby’s brain in the womb

By Texas Right to Life As we learn more amazing facts about prenatal development, we better understand how a baby’s experiences in the womb shape his or her development. The abortion industry continues to claim that life

Abandoned 5 month old boy miraculously survives in remote mountain area

By Dave Andrusko John Sexton put it perfectly this week. In addition to the spectacular rescue of 12 teenage soccer players and their coach from a cave in Thailand, “There was another amazing rescue this week.” Here

“You are your baby’s first home …. Your baby’s first protector”

By Dave Andrusko Imagine how different the fate of millions of unborn babies would be if moms and dads looked upon them not as a kind of disposable property but as someone whose fate is entirely in

Every baby is a little miracle…

By Dave Andrusko On our way to the 2018 NRLC convention in Kansas City, Kansas, which begins tomorrow (you can still sign up at the convention), we stopped in Minnesota to attend the wedding of my brother’s

Abortion providers versus pro-lifers: A tale of competing “moral balance sheets

By Dave Andrusko Pro-life blogger Sarah Terzo is a priceless resource for the rest of us. She has an uncanny knack for finding the most revealing quotations not only from abortionists but also from women who are

“You are your baby’s first home” and ”first protector”

By Dave Andrusko This will be a short post, not because the message isn’t important (just the opposite) but because it will resonate so thoroughly and so completely. Sometimes I think I see all the best stuff

Every baby is a little miracle …whether…

By Dave Andrusko Traditionally each August my family goes back home to Minnesota to visit family and friends. This year we will add an extra short visit in June just before the NRLC Convention in Kansas City

A baby’s “first kick”: it changes everything about abortion

By Dave Andrusko I became “pro-life” long before I realized that abortion had been legalized nationwide in 1973. And I didn’t even know it. Though it more than five decades ago, I still can recall that moment

The Power of the “aha” moments

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Sometimes, it is those little “aha” moments in life that strengthen my convictions about the nobility of the pro-life cause. It so happened this week that I had a

“There’s Nothing Controversial About Saving a Baby”

By Pregnancy Help News Where abortion advocates cry “controversy” on the life-saving protocol known as Abortion Pill Reversal, it’s really the women and children we should be talking about, writes Pregnancy Help News editor Jay Hobbs in