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Babies Born in U.S. Should Have Their Right to Life Respected, Receive Necessary Care

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding the legislation to protect the rights of all babies born in the United States. You can watch his

Babies kicking in the womb are making mental maps of their bodies

Life before birth is amazing. By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children In March this year, we reported on a study from Trinity College Dublin which found that babies move around in the womb because

Harnessing the disarming power of infants to help teach children how to be kind

By Dave Andrusko It’s snowing in the Washington, DC, area and many to almost all of the school districts in the region are closed. (First snow of the year, and all that in places where removing snow

For a culture to kill babies, they first have to kill truth

By Jonathon Van Maren Nothing infuriates abortion activists more than the truth—especially when that truth is being presented to a public that they need to accept their deceitful rhetoric, or at least to remain mired in apathy.

Cute Kids Explain What Babies Are

By Liberty Pike, Director of Communications, Oregon Right to Life Editor’s note. Stories about kids are timeless which is why I periodically repost stories that are amazingly heart-warming. One example is the following. I hope you enjoy

Banning Babies? Humans Are the Solution, Not the Problem

By John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris No one wants their kids to grow up to become criminals. But for some, their crime is simply existing. Children are some of the greatest blessings in life. They teach

Romanian Pro-Life Group Rolls Out First-Ever “Babies Go to Parliament”

By Alexandra Nadane “Babies Go to Congress” has already become a traditional pro-life advocacy event in the United States through Heartbeat International. Mothers who have been through a pregnancy crisis and are happy to have chosen life

Why do babies kick in the womb?

Babies don’t just kick to keep you up at night Science has the answer! By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Feeling your baby kick in the womb for the first time is an exciting

“Where there is life, there is hope. Always.”

By Dave Andrusko If you happen to look back at stories from the past few weeks, you might have noticed that many of the truly inspiring accounts of babies who survived even though physicians had advised their

Help NRLC save babies in the womb and babies who survive the abortionist’s best efforts to kill them

In two days hundreds of thousands of America’s finest will come together in our nation’s capital to remind the nation and the world, as Dr. King wrote, that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do

Expecting Mothers Have Enough to Worry about Without Government Forcing Its Agenda on Them

By Elissa Graves, Alliance Defending Freedom From the moment a woman finds out that she is going to be a mother, she is bombarded with the opinions of others. The list is nearly endless. There are opinions on

According to pro-aborts, even pictures of babies in the womb are “graphic images”

By Jonathon Van Maren Editor’s note. My family and I will be on vacation through August 25. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of the best” —