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British Court of Appeals will hear challenge by Alfie Evans’s parents that hospital may disconnect his ventilator

By Dave Andrusko On March 1, Court of Appeal judges will hear a challenge by the parents of seriously ill Alfie Evans to Mr. Justice Hayden’s decision rendered Tuesday that doctors may remove the ventilator the 21-month-old

Eleventh-Hour donation enables Alfie Evans’ parents to appeal decision allowing hospital to turn off son’s ventilator

By Dave Andrusko As NRL News Today reported on Tuesday, the ventilator keeping grievously ill Alfie Evans alive could be turned off as early as Friday. However in an impromptu press conference outside the Queens Building in

Judge rules Alfie’s ventilator can be turned off

Father vows to fight on By Dave Andrusko A furious Tom Evans said today the battle to keep his seriously ill son on a ventilator “isn’t over, this is just the start” moments after Mr. Justice Hayden

Father of gravely ill Alfie Evans, “We have always stuck by him, we’ve never written him off”

By Dave Andrusko You wouldn’t think—or at least I didn’t think—testimony in the case of grievously ill Alfie Evans could get any more emotional, any more heartrending. But today’s seventh and final day in a hearing to

Judge moved by videos of Alfie Evans, asks hospital probing questions

By Dave Andrusko Throughout the hearing to determine the fate of Alfie Evans, the gravely ill 20-month-old son of Tom Evans and Kate James, Mr. Evans has said opinions would shift if they saw videos showing how

More gut-wrenching testimony in the case of grievously ill Alfie Evans

By Dave Andrusko Reading the summary notes offered online by Liverpool Echo reporter Tom Berger is almost like being at the gut-wrenching hearing in which Mr. Justice Hayden will decide the fate of Alfie Evans, the grievously

Desperate parents try to persuade British Judge to keep son’s life-support switched on

By Dave Andrusko It would be difficult to imagine a more heart-wrenching scenario, eerily reminiscent of the now famous case of Charlie Gard. As we posted back in December, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, has

British Hospital wants to remove sick toddler’s life support as parents fight for treatment

By Claire Chretien LIVERPOOL, England, December 20, 2017 – The parents of 19-month-old Alfie Evans are fighting for him in court, arguing that they should be allowed to transfer their mysteriously sick toddler to another hospital. Alder

What might have happened if Connie Yates and Chris Gard had prevailed?

Tom Evans and his son, Alfie

By Dave Andrusko To the outsider it’s difficult to fully understand why London’s Great Ormand Street Hospital (GOSH) and Justice Nicholas Francis were so dead set against allowing Chris Gard and Connie Yates to take their son

Another Charlie Gard Case?

By Wesley J. Smith Another family in the UK is fighting to keep doctors from forcing their sick baby off of life support. From The Mirror story: Charlie Gard supporters are rallying round the family of a