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The “Christian” abortionist’s justification for obliterating unborn babies

By Dave Andrusko No matter how busy I might be, whenever I run across headlines such as “How My Christian Faith Inspired Me To Become An Abortion Provider”  I will read what (in this case) abortionist Sarah

2018 Book Celebrates Hollywood Abortionist Who Did 50,000 Abortions

By Katie Yoder A new book is remembering the legacy of an abortionist whose services were “a kind of public utility, not unlike the water or fire department.” Except for that, instead of saving lives, she was

Horrific Video Shows Abortionists Laugh at Falling ‘Eyeball,’ ‘Pulling Off Legs’

By Katie Yoder, Newsbusters Newsbuster’s editor’s note: Content is disturbing. Also, please note, original video is no longer accessible due to judge orders. The liberal media routinely refuse to show the American public abortion for what it

Federal Judge permanently enjoins law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges in Mississippi

U.S. District Judge Daniel Jordan

JACKSON, Miss. — On Friday, U.S. District Judge Daniel Jordan III permanently blocked a Mississippi’s law, H.B. 1390, that would have closed the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the state’s lone remaining abortion clinic. The law required abortionists

British abortionist is ‘elated’ about her job

By Sarah Terzo The British publication The Guardian published an article entitled, “Being an abortion doctor has taught me a lot about life.” In the article, a British abortionist explained how happy she is to be doing

Noteworthy observations from abortionist about stigma against abortionists, late-term abortion

By Sarah Terzo In 2012, a journalist at The Hairpin interviewed abortionist Nancy Stanwood. Overall, it’s a puff piece – the interviewer gushes with praise for Stanwood, and all the usual pro-choice rationalizations are made. But Stanwood

Stigma, emotional turmoil, and pro-life pressure keep doctors from performing abortions

By Sarah Terzo A New York Times article entitled “Under Pressures and Stigma, More Doctors Shun Abortion” sheds light on some of the reasons why there is such a major shortage of abortionists in the United States.

Abortionists justify themselves by claiming preborn don’t have souls

By Sarah Terzo In his book Abolishing Abortion: How You Can Play a Part in Ending the Greatest Evil of Our Day, Father Frank Pavone writes about conversations he has had with abortionists. Pavone is the head

New requirement helps assure abortionists are complying with North Carolina abortion law

By Dave Andrusko Beginning last Friday, as part of a law passed last June, abortion clinics must now send the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services records for abortions performed after the 16th week of

Abortionist claims & court errors in dismemberment ban battle

By Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Director, Kansans for Life Hopefully, you are following with deep interest the legal battle surrounding the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act, enacted in Kansas on April 7 and, less than a

Medical Licensing Board Hearing Exposes Poor Practices in Abortion Industry

Three Indiana Abortion Doctors Forced to Pay Administrative Fines Editor’s note. Indiana Right to Life, NRLC’ state affiliate, provided this update. INDIANAPOLIS – On Thursday, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board held hearings for three Indianapolis abortion doctors

ACLU gives Alabama abortionists medals for ‘promotion of human rights’

By Calvin Freiburger The American Civil Liberties Union has awarded three Alabama abortion clinic owners, as well as National Abortion Federation president Vicki Saporta, with the Roger N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty for their commitment to abortion,