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What if all the excuses pro-abortionists use were proved to be bogus?

By Dave Andrusko Besides the anti-life amicus that ripples through them, what common denominator is there in the opposition to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) bills? For newcomers, the former

Abortion, Eugenics, and the corrosion of unconditional parental love

By Wesley J. Smith Ruth Marcus has boldly declared that if she were pregnant and discovered her baby had Down syndrome, that child would never see the light of day. From her column: Down syndrome is life-altering

WaPo columnist matter-of-factly announces she’d have aborted her kids had they been diagnosed with Down syndrome

By Dave Andrusko When you’re brazenly defending the kind of abortions that makes most people (at a minimum) squirm, if not turn away, one option is to coat your advocacy with a layer or two of “oh

About those “10 reasons to Appreciate Your Local Abortion Provider”….

By Dave Andrusko Darn, I missed it. I just learned today that last Saturday was “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.” And not only did I miss the actual day of “appreciation,” I also missed Rewire News’ “Ten Reasons

She Needs Support, He Needs Respect. Let’s Meet Them with Both.

By Susanne Maynes One night recently, we watched an indie film. The first part seemed a little boring and awkward, but then the stories of the characters began to emerge. The main character’s boyfriend has broken up

Abortionist Willie Parker describes placing fetal body parts “into a fine mesh strainer”

By Sarah Terzo Abortionist Willie Parker describes seeing the body parts of the babies he aborts. He describes how he does a first trimester abortion: … I insert a straw, called a cannula… and attach that to

If 8th amendment to Irish Constitution goes, Unborn Will Have NO Rights

Editor’s note. This comes from the Irish Pro-Life organization, Family & Life. There will be a referendum, likely in May, on whether the 8th Amendment should be removed and the government empowered to establish legislation on abortion.

New law: If Ontario doesn’t like what you say, you’re going to jail

By John Sikkema March 7, 2018 – A new law took effect in Ontario last month. It is now an offence, punishable by punitive fines and prison, to “attempt to advise or persuade” someone to refrain from

GAO audit reveals that $1.5 billion went to three giant abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood and International Planned Parenthood

By Dave Andrusko A Government Accountability Office (GAO) study, requested by more than 120 Members of the House and Senate and released today, found that over a three-year period more than $1.5 billion in tax dollars went

Pro-choice writer on why she does not march for abortion

By Sarah Terzo Kim C. Flodin, pro-choice freelance writer, who had 2 abortions: “I say, despite the blood and the grief, I’d do it all over again – even though it makes me immeasurably sad and I

Human Rights Groups Thank U.S. for Rolling Back Abortion in Impending Report

By Austin Ruse Editor’s note. This appeared at C-Fam and is reposted with permission. WASHINGTON DC– A coalition of 197 groups from around the world have sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson thanking him

Unscrupulously using social media to entice African women to purchase dangerous abortion pills

By Dave Andrusko Posing as a minor seeking a chemical abortion, CNN undertook an investigation of scam artists hawking abortions to women in the African nation of Lesotho where abortion is illegal. The intent of the story was