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“Ethicist” says that conscientious objection to abortion should be banned because it might be “murder”

By Jonathon Van Maren Back in July, I noted that abortion activists in Latin America have become increasingly frustrated with the fact that even where abortion is legalized, very few doctors are willing to carry out the

Canadian Opinions on Abortion: Do Canadians support a law limiting abortion? Yes.

By WeNeedaLaw Editor’s note. WeNeedaLaw is a Canadian-based pro-life organization. In all but one of the opinion polls publicly available since 2010, a majority of Canadians support at least some law regulating abortion. Are Canadians pro-choice? If

Senator’s change of heart may prevent Pro-abortion law from passing in Argentina

By Dave Andrusko A clearly unhappy correspondent for Reuters reported earlier today that “Argentine abortion bill loses momentum after senator pulls support.” Hugh Bronstein begins his story noting Prospects faded over the weekend for a bill that

Your baby is “just tissue,” woman told

One postabortion woman named Jennifer says: “I was told my baby ‘was just tissue the size of a peanut.’ It was easy and slight pain like menstrual cramping. No, I had no idea I would be depressed

Abortion activists unveil strategy for attacking conscientious objection

By Michael Cook An “expert group” of abortion activists has launched a strong attack on the concept and practice of conscientious objection (CO) in healthcare. “The practice of refusing to provide legal and essential health care due

Becoming that “Just One….”

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Whenever I contemplate the effect of abortion on women, I think of a friend I will refer to as “Jessica.” A boyfriend pressured Jessica into an abortion when she

Members of the Irish Parliament “appear obsessed with abortion”

“Behaving like Global Cheerleaders for legalized Abortion” Editor’s note. The Pro Life Campaign is a leading pro-life organization in the Republic of Ireland. “TDs” are members of the lower house of the Irish Parliament. The Pro Life Campaign

Irish media will not report on this tragic case of a British woman who died after a delayed diagnosis of sepsis during miscarriage

Would undermine narrative that helped repeal pro-life 8th Amendment By Life Institute Last week, the British media reported on the tragic case of Mrs. Reeta Saidha who died after a delayed diagnosis of sepsis during miscarriage. An

Aborting two babies, bringing three others to term: just two different kinds of “choices”

By Dave Andrusko Deborah Copaken’s story in the Atlantic this week—“Three Children, Two abortions”–is difficult to read for obvious and not so obvious reasons. The entire 2,334 word-long post is to support the subhead’s defiant conclusion: “What

14-year-old “almost didn’t make it” through abortion

By Sarah Terzo Linda Huffsteller, who had an abortion at 14, says: “I was only 14 years old acting out of fear and desperation. I didn’t even give them an I.D. because I didn’t have any. .

“I’m a doctor, not a murderer” Argentinean physicians say

“Nothing good can come when society chooses death as a solution” By Dave Andrusko In June when we last updated the situation in Argentina, following a 23 hour debate, the Chamber of Deputies had just voted 129-125

No, abortion is not health care. It’s #FakeHealth.

By Ryan Bomberger Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at the Radiance Foundation. August 1, 2018 – Only in the world of abortion activism is violently induced death considered healthcare. Fake feminism has led millions