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Here’s How We Can End Legal Abortion in Our Lifetime!

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Ending legal abortion in our lifetime is not just a fanciful dream. It could indeed become a reality–sooner than we think. But there is much work to do

Michelle Found Healing From Abortion 20 Years Ago. Now She’s Helping Others Do the Same.

By Jen Taggart Michelle McCauley, director of After Abortion Care at the Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo and director of The Haven post-abortive ministry, did not realize that when she decided to serve in pro-life ministry, she would

Father begs for his preborn child’s life, she aborts anyway

By Sarah Terzo Postabortion woman Stacy Sistrunk writes about what happened when she decided to have an abortion: “Once [the father of the baby] arrived and we sat down to talk, he began to cry. He was

Abortion extremism on display in Ireland: Health minister rejects amendment banning abortions based on disability

By Dave Andrusko As is ever and always the case, when pro-abortionists in Ireland, led by Minister of Health Simon Harris, were campaigning to delete the 8th Amendment from the Irish Constitution, they assured constituents that the

Confusing CDC and Guttmacher abortion figures do not change that the number of abortions continues to go down

By Dave Andrusko There are certain “givens” in discussing abortion statistics that likely will never, ever change. That includes an error of omission: that the percentage of abortions performed in the “hard cases”—typically when the mother’s life

Abortionist brags: “we never lost a life” in his clinic

By Sarah Terzo Rabbi Daniel Levy tells the following anecdote: “A gynecologist told me that he was once called to assist at a center for the termination of pregnancies in the North of England. The woman had

Irish pro-life politician Carol Nolan attacked for trying to stop taxpayer funding of abortion

She was accused of having a “visceral hatred for women” By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children In a telling display of the intolerance shown towards anyone with a pro-life view in Irish politics, a

Indiana health panel blocks scandal-plagued abortion business from opening new facility

By Calvin Freiburger SOUTH BEND, Indiana– A three-judge panel of the Indiana Department of Health’s executive board has voted to block the opening of a new abortion facility by a “women’s health” provider with a scandal-plagued medical

Decision by Appeals Panel Will Keep South Bend Abortion-Free

INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday a three-member appeals panel met in Indianapolis to determine the future of the proposed abortion facility in South Bend, Indiana. After a nearly two-hour hearing, the panel overturned an administrative judge’s October recommendation

Self-described “uterus ripper outer” declares that a fetus “needs permission to reside in a uterus”

By Dave Andrusko Remember Utah abortionist Leah Torres? We wrote about the easily-provoked Torres back in March. Active on Twitter , after chastising pro-lifers because they “cannot open their eyes and see past blind hatred and ignorance

NRP laments that hospital network won’t allow its physicians to kill unborn babies on the side

By Dave Andrusko It’s hard to work up a lot of sympathetic for abortionists who want medical facilities to abandon their principles just so said abortionist can split his or her duty between real medicine and annihilating

Opinions on abortion not etched in stone and can be driven in a pro-life direction

By Dave Andrusko Each year around Thanksgiving we run Paul Stark’s terrific post, “A pro-life conversation guide to effectively discuss abortion during the holidays.” I trust you will take a few minutes to read Paul’s fine contribution,