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Woman 30 weeks pregnant authorized by Indian court to abort

Abortionists given immunity if something happens to the mother By Dave Andrusko In a decision loaded with tragedy, last Friday the Bombay high court ruled that a woman could abort her 30-week-old unborn child because an ultrasound

Blob of tissue at four months?

By Sarah Terzo Victoria from Pennsylvania told the story of her third abortion. Her Planned Parenthood counselor told her her child was a “blob of tissue”, even though she was 4 months along: “My last abortion was

“My first granddaughter would have been six by now”: The scars left by an abortion, from a Grandmother’s perspective

By Dave Andrusko Does this show my Baby Boomer mentality, or what? The first time I read “Eyewitness to abortion” —a story from an unnamed grandmother (we’ll call her “Gladys”), as told to Amanda Cable of the

Another step closer to legal abortion in Ireland

By Michael Cook On Tuesday, Ireland’s president, Michael D. Higgins, signed into law legislation amending the Constitution to remove constitutional protection for the unborn, following May’s constitutional referendum. A couple of predictably ineffectual legal challenges had delayed

“Small study” trashes judicial bypass as a “form of punishment” to teens seeking abortions

By Dave Andrusko What do you think most irritates pro-abortionists? Let me count the ways. For starters, anything, and I do mean anything, that introduces the truth that there are real medical risks to having an abortion.

Northern Ireland woman who illegally bought abortion pills online for 15 year old daughter challenges prosecution

Buying abortion pills online is illegal throughout the UK By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children In the next stage of the assault on Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws, a woman who illegally purchased abortion pills

I’m So Sorry I Wanted You To Abort: One Father’s Words to his Daughter

By Melissa Ohden Editor’s note. The following was posted on Melissa’s blog. In 1977 Melissa survived a saline infusion abortion. She has written many times for NRL News Today and NRL News and appeared numerous times at

Boyfriend abandons young woman after she has abortion

By Sarah Terzo A woman named Kim told her story: “He just left me there. He drove me downtown to the Women’s Community Clinic – you know the one on Santa Clara – and waited for me

Judge okays abortion conglomerate’s license application for clinic in South Bend

Pro-lifers urge Indiana Health Department to appeal decision By Dave Andrusko As NRL News Today reported, last month Clare Deitchman, an Indianapolis administrative law judge, presided over a two-day hearing in which the Texas-based Whole Woman’s Health

1,500 pro-lifers focus on “the pain after abortion” at 9th March for Life in Switzerland

By Dave Andrusko Not a lot of attention gets paid to the pro-life movement in Switzerland, so kudos to the Evangelical Focus News for posting about the ninth March for Life held September 15 in front of the

Reporter criticized for writing story that hurt the pro-choice cause

By Sarah Terzo One story in a series of article in the LA Times on media bias in the abortion issue said: “When reporter Susan Okie wrote on Page 1 of the Washington Post last year that

Member of Parliament Stella Creasy continues attack on pro-life Northern Ireland

Allow abortion pills to taken at home by women who flew over to England? By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children After the blow to pro-abortion MP Stella Creasy–that the government of Northern Ireland won’t