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Of all places, CNN writes comprehensively about abortion polling

By Dave Andrusko When outlets such as CNN figure out that “Support for abortion rights depends on how you ask the question,” you can’t help but wonder what discovery is next? Perhaps that the sun rises in

She became suicidal after her abortion

By Sarah Terzo Crystal Hartman, who had an abortion, says: “There is no adequate way to inform a woman of the emotional scars it will leave behind. I had to have someone come stay with me for

Why the push for at-home abortions is bad for women

By Texas Right to Life Abortion activists periodically lobby to make abortions easily accessible in ways that endanger women even more than the current abortion industry. Every abortion ends the life of preborn child, and every abortion

Woman reflects back on the baby she “didn’t want”

By Dave Andrusko I am giving a talk today to members of NRLC’s Academy. In addition to explaining how NRL News Today is composed and distributed, my goal is to make it more of a back-and-forth for

Planned Parenthood challenges Idaho’s abortion complications reporting act

By Dave Andrusko Among the achievements of Right to Life of Idaho in the 2018 session were passage of Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent (SB 1243), and Reporting of Abortion Complications into law (HB 638). According to

Home abortions are dangerous for women. Here’s ten reasons why

By Alithea Williams, Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Women are being told that medical abortion is a safe and easy solution to unplanned pregnancy. Following the recent decision in Wales to license the second stage of

Local YWCA chapters back NY Governor Cuomo’s call to pass radical Reproductive Health Act

By Dave Andrusko Executives of two local New York YWCA chapters are joining pro-abortion Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a push to force the Republican-controlled state Senate to reconvene to pass the Reproductive Health Act which is even

When it came to abortion, the father’s feelings didn’t matter

By Sarah Terzo In her book, Teri Stanton describes how when her daughter Sheri became pregnant, they did not care about the feelings of the baby’s father. They decided on abortion without consulting him: “Once Sheri’s pregnancy

Amendment 1 Stops Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

Editor’s note. The following is a letter to the editor written by Wanda Franz. Ph.D., president of West Virginians for Life. In a recent Letter to the Editor, a contributor wrote that we should vote no on

Woman’s abortion broke her heart

By Sarah Terzo Author Mary Kenny tells the following story: “I have a friend who is extraordinarily tough… doesn’t give a damn, you know. She became pregnant – she is also very ambitious and has a very

Scientific advances work as “anchors” to longstanding moral and ethical arguments against abortion

By Dave Andrusko Emma Green’s one-sentence bio is deceptively modest: “Emma Green is a staff writer at ​The Atlantic, where she covers politics, policy, and religion.” She is, in fact, a terrific writer whose work on a

When a Friend Is Considering Abortion

Editor’s note. This appeared today at Life Issues Forum which is a bi-weekly column written by staff of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Pro-Life Secretariat . It was adapted and shortened from the 2017-2018 USCCB