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Indiana Abortion Rate Drops for Eighth Consecutive Year

Substantial Abortion Rate Drop also among St. Joseph County Residents INDIANAPOLIS – Newly released data from the Indiana State Department of Health’s (ISDH) annual abortion report shows that in 2016, there were 7,277 abortions, compared to 7,957 abortions

Louisiana’s 2016 Abortion Rates Fall for Second Straight Year

NEW ORLEANS – The number of abortions in Louisiana decreased by 4 percent from 2015 to 2016, according to preliminary figures provided to Louisiana Right to Life recently by the Louisiana Department of Health. It was the

Reflections on the Guttmacher Report, One Day Later

By Dave Andrusko Imagine you are the movers and shakers at the Guttmacher Institute. Formerly the research arm of Planned Parenthood, but now, as an “independent” think tank, your abortion statistics are treated almost reverentially, as if

Guttmacher survey results for 2013 and for 2014 find U.S. abortions drop to well under one million

By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D. NRL Director of Education & Research For the first time since 1974, the number of abortions performed in the United States has dropped below one million–926,190 for 2014. Even better news, longer

Media Silence: NYC Abortion Rate Is 60% of Birth Rate

By Katie Yoder Over Thanksgiving weekend, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly released its latest Abortion Surveillance report for 2013. That is a year remembered by the pro-life movement for the trial and conviction

Abortion Rate in Indiana Continues to Decline Under the Pence Administration

161 fewer unborn babies killed in 2015 than in 2014 INDIANAPOLIS – A new report by the Indiana State Department of Health shows that the abortion rate continues to decline in Indiana. In 2015, there were 7,957

Louisiana Abortion Rates Drop in 2015 After Several Years of Rising Numbers

The number of abortions in Louisiana decreased by 10 percent from 2014 to 2015, according to preliminary figures provided to Louisiana Right to Life recently by the Louisiana Department of Health. There were 9,311 abortions performed in

Abortions Drop to All-Time Low in Pennsylvania

  Abortions in Pennsylvania have dropped to an all-time low as more women find access to the education and resources they need to choose life. In 2013, the number of abortions in Pennsylvania dropped by 7 percent

Wisconsin Success Story in Decreasing Abortions a Model for Other States

  By Heather Weininger, Executive Director, Wisconsin Right to Life The long-awaited day finally arrived — the day we look for all year long. It’s the day the Wisconsin Department of Health Services releases its “Reported Induced

Mexico City : 12 abortions for every 15 births

  Editor’s note. This appeared today at blog.secularprolife.org. It is a press release from the Mexican pro-life organization, TAD [Think, Action, Development], translated into English. This week marks the anniversary of legal abortion in Mexico City. The

Data show fewer abortions in Tennessee but many more to women coming from out of state

  By Dave Andrusko With data sure to play a role in the debate over an amendment to the Tennessee state Constitution, figures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that while the overall number of

More about New York City’s declining number of abortions and abortion rate

  By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. Yesterday we talked about the good news that in 2012 the number of abortions had decreased in New York City to 73,815. The abortion ratio–the percentage of pregnancies ending in an