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Idaho Senate overwhelmingly supports bill to inform women chemical abortions can be halted

By Dave Andrusko If the Idaho House concurs with the Idaho Senate, the Gem State will become the fifth state to be able to offer women reconsidering their chemical abortions information about how to halt them—“abortion reversal,”

Idaho Senate to consider abortion pill-reversal legislation

By Dave Andrusko Following more than “two hours of impassioned testimony,” an Idaho Senate Committee approved SB 1243 which will require that women seeking chemical abortions be provided with information about the possibility that the abortion can

On Abortion Pill Reversal, It’s Time to Hear from the Women

By Jay Hobbs For all its fuss and bluster about the need to “Believe Women,” the Left—and in particular, its fervently pro-abortion core—sure is bad at believing women. Case in point, over 400 women say they’ve rescued

Meet Giselle, the Latest Baby Rescued by Abortion Pill Reversal

By Jay Hobbs By the time Giselle entered the world in early December, she arrived fully equipped with her own protective detail of three older brothers. They’re old enough to know their sister is a precious addition

BIG PRO-LIFE WIN: Saving Lives Through Abortion Pill Reversal Deemed “Relevant” to Nursing Practice

Options trump politics in California Nursing Board decision Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission. Facing intense political pressure from abortion activists, a major licensing agency stood its ground this week and

How Samantha Saved Her Baby with Abortion Pill Reversal

By Jay Hobbs Though the abortion lobby loudly derides the Abortion Pill Reversal as “unproven” at best and “junk science” at worst, don’t count on a Massachusetts woman named Samantha to join in with the chorus of

California Board of Nursing Green-Lights “Abortion Pill Reversal” Courses

By Jay Hobbs While it continues to be a sore spot for its pro-abortion deniers, the science behind Abortion Pill Reversal is compelling enough to gain the blessing of California’s Board of Registered Nursing, the board announced

Abortion Pill Reversal Information Bill Passes Indiana House

Passed Indiana House by a vote of 53-41 INDIANAPOLIS – On Monday House Bill (HB) 1128 passed the Indiana House of Representatives by a vote of 53-41. Authored by Rep. Ron Bacon, HB 1128 notifies Hoosier women

Indiana Action Alert: Call about HB 1128

By Dave Andrusko Below you’ll see an Action Alert from Indiana Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate. As we reported last week HB1128 passed the House Public Policy Committee on a vote of 7-6. HB 1128 increases

Very helpful primer on “Abortion Pill Reversal”

By Dave Andrusko NRL News Today and NRL News has each carried stories about “abortion pill reversal.” The most recent was on Monday. Tip of the hat to Live Action News for posting on its Facebook page