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Why a license for a proposed South Bend abortion clinic was properly turned down

By Dave Andrusko When last we reported [here and here], a three-judge panel of the Indiana Department of Health’s executive board had voted to block the opening of a new abortion facility in South Bend, Indiana, by the

Wichita abortion clinic challenges Kansas “medical abortion” law

By Dave Andrusko Back in late April, Kansans for Life stood tall in a battle over a bill to expand “telemedicine” so as to reinforce the state law that requires that a doctor be physically present when

Abortion clinic where 4 women died is “less than admirable”

By Sarah Terzo Deborah Ruhe, New Hampshire Feminist Health Center, administrative and outreach director, on an abortion clinic that was closed after four women died there of botched abortions: “There are probably some abortion providers who are

Indiana judge has 30 days to decide abortion clinic’s appeal of decision rejecting its license application

By Dave Andrusko Following a two day hearing last week, Clare Deitchman, an administrative law judge for the Indiana state health department, has a month to decide whether to grant the Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend’s

Ohio abortion clinic has 30 days to appeal a ruling upholding the revocation of the facility’s license, or permanently close

By Dave Andrusko Last week we updated readers on the latest in the long legal dispute over the license of the Women’s Med Center (WMC) in Dayton, Ohio, owned by the notorious late-term abortionist, Martin Haskell, which has

UPDATE: Status of Two Ohio Abortion Clinics

Editor’s note. This comes from Ohio Right to Life. The “variance” discussed is in reference to a requirement that abortion clinics have written transfer agreements with hospitals in case of emergencies. This past week, two of the

Indiana judge will decide next week on proposed South Bend abortion clinic

By Dave Andrusko Several months ago St. Joseph County Right to Life and Indiana Right to Life learned that an abortion facility has applied to open in South Bend. It turned out to be Whole Woman’s Health

One Ohio Abortion Facility Sues Another and the Hypocrisy Is Astounding

By Katie Franklin A few weeks ago, pro-life Ohioans caught a major break when one Columbus abortion facility decided to sue another, providing a small but wonderful glimpse into the hypocrisy of Big Abortion. Alleging lease violations,

Pro-Choice writer visits abortion clinic, calls it “dirty and dark”

By Sarah Terzo A pro-choice author describes an abortion clinic where she visited: “In all the years I have spent writing and thinking about a woman’s right to choose, I have never set foot in an abortion

Toledo’s lone abortion clinic granted new license after securing emergency transfer agreement

By Dave Andrusko When last we reported on Toledo’s lone abortion clinic, the Ohio Supreme Court had just reaffirmed its earlier decision closing Capital Care Network for failing to secure an emergency patient transfer agreement with a local

Ohio Supreme Court upholds Department of Health order shutting down Toledo’s last abortion clinic

By Dave Andrusko On a 5-2 vote, the Ohio Supreme Court Tuesday upheld a state order to close Capital Care Network, Toledo’s lone abortion clinic, for failing to secure an emergency patient transfer agreement with a local

Abortion Clinic workers got bonuses for selling abortions

One staff member said the word, “Cattle market” came up quite a lot.” By Sarah Terzo An abortion clinic inspected in England was cited for paying employees bonuses based on how many women went through with their