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Deniers of the link between Abortion and Breast Cancer ignore the wave of new evidence from South Asia

By Joel Brind, Ph.D. Naomi Elster, described as a scientist and a volunteer for the Abortion Rights Campaign, says, “It’s time to talk about the pseudoscience corrupting the abortion debate.”  (The ARC is an Irish coalition organized

New Ways to Tell Old Lies: Abortion Law Reform Association’s new “Fact Sheet” on Abortion and Breast Cancer

By Joel Brind, PhD Editor’s note. Dr. Brind will be speaking at the NRL 2017 national convention which begins next week in Milwaukee. Be sure to visit nrlconvention.com/register ASAP to take advantage of the early bird rate,

Dr. Joel Brind to update pro-lifers on latest developments on abortion and breast cancer at 2017 NRL Convention

Editor’s note. For the latest information about the June 29-July 1 convention, go to nrlconvention.com. The following interview was conducted via email. Q: What have been the most prominent developments in the ABC link in the year

Abortion and Breast Cancer: Statistics of Abortion’s devastation keep piling up in the West

By Joel Brind, PhD NRL News readers are largely aware that I have lately been documenting the epidemic of breast cancer that has followed the expansion of abortion into Asia—China and India in particular. But lest we

Worldwide cover-up of Abortion/Breast Cancer link continues to mount, plays catch-up

By Joel Brind Ph.D. It has been famously noted that facts—like the fact that abortion increases a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer (ABC link) — are stubborn things. One hopes that means that eventually, the truth

Abortion and Breast Cancer: Denial reaches Asian research

By Joel Brind, Ph.D. Editor’s note. My family will be on vacation through the end of next week. I will be posting an occasional new story, but for the most part we will be re-posting columns that

Denial of the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link gets Curiouser and Curiouser

By Joel Brind, Ph.D. Where to begin to expose the over-the-top dishonesty of abortion advocate Dr. David Grimes’ piece on abortion and breast cancer posted on Feb. 26 in the Huffington Post Blog (“Abortion and Breast Cancer:

Dr. Joel Brind sets the record straight on who really is the “false witness”

  By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. It comes as no surprise that pro-abortionists save their most awful venom for academicians (including those who self-identify as “pro-choice) who challenge their conclusions. To the Abortion Establishment, which incessantly self-prompts

Speaking of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

  By Gayle Atteberry Editor’s note. Gayle is the executive director of Oregon Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate. This ran on Oregon RTL’s blog. “We did find cancer cells in your breast biopsy,” said the doctor

Out of India Comes Yet More Evidence that Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

  So why is the World Health Organization still in denial? By Steven W. Mosher, President, Population Research Institute My Canadian friend could not contain himself. “These new studies out of India NUKE the Abortion-Breast-Cancer deniers,” Brent

The Abortion Breast Cancer Link: When Orthodoxy Trumps Science and Reason

  An event in Australia sparks the latest airing of the orthodox position By Dr. Gerard M. Nadal In the debate surrounding the purported link between abortion and breast cancer (ABC link), there has arisen a core

Scientific Review of 72 Epidemiological Studies, Biological Evidence Supports Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

  By Karen Malec, President, Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer A scientific review conducted by Angela Lanfranchi, MD and Patrick Fagan, Ph.D., found that support for an abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link exists in current knowledge of breast physiology