California AG appeals decision invalidating state’s dangerous assisted suicide law

By Dave Andrusko To absolutely no one’s surprise, California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra on Monday filed an appeal of Riverside County Superior Court Judge Daniel Ottolia’s oral ruling last week holding that lawmakers illegally used a special

Brutal truth about the dismemberment of living unborn babies filtered out by media

By Dave Andrusko Newcomers to the pro-life camp may not be aware that even our benighted opposition ruefully conceded that the debate over partial-birth abortions changed the trajectory of the abortion debate. Not that they didn’t try

In turnabout, Republicans assume lead in Generic Ballot over Democrats

Ahead by 7 points after trailing by 16 points By Dave Andrusko Here’s our latest update on the shifting 2018 electoral fortunes of Democrats, who are almost entirely pro-abortion, and Republicans, almost all of whom are pro-life.

Mother whose daughter died at nine days charges Irish government with exploiting her death to promote a “Yes” vote on Irish abortion referendum

By Dave Andrusko Last year Sandra Caulfield tragically lost her baby girl Hope Rose only nine days after birth. Hope Rose had been diagnosed with a genetic disorder in the womb. “Ms Caulfield said Hope Rose was

Under Dawn Laguens Planned Parenthood’s killing machine will keep humming

By Dave Andrusko Not being privy to the machinations surrounding Cecile Richards’s successor, we can’t know if long-time executive vice president Dawn Laguens is merely a placeholder or a viable candidate to replace Richards as CEO and

Lawyer: Canada’s euthanasia law is unconstitutional

Ken Berger: “persons with disabilities are being assisted to their death rather than being assisted with life” By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Ken Berger, the lawyer representing Roger Foley, a man who is

For a culture to kill babies, they first have to kill truth

By Jonathon Van Maren Nothing infuriates abortion activists more than the truth—especially when that truth is being presented to a public that they need to accept their deceitful rhetoric, or at least to remain mired in apathy.

Enough Is Enough – Murdoch’s Paper Planning Another Smear To Help The YES Side in Ireland Abortion Referendum

By Save the Eighth Editor’s note. The referendum deciding whether to remove the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution and authorize Parliament to legislate on abortion takes place this Friday. We all know the, Rupert Murdoch’s

Megan: An Adoption Story from Cincinnati

By Katie Franklin When Megan found out she was pregnant, she cycled through a range of emotions: embarrassment, sadness, anger, and mostly loneliness. Rejected by her unborn child’s father, Megan turned to the only option her family

Irish politician punished by party for being pro-life: ‘Friday’s referendum is about life and death’

By Calvin Freiburger CADAMSTOWN, Ireland, May 21, 2018 – An Irish politician suspended by her own party for her pro-life stance is giving her side of the story in a new op-ed, just days before the country

Negative attitudes toward Alzheimer’s unduly influences euthanasia debate

By Michael Cook Negative attitudes towards Alzheimer’s disease are an undue influence on the euthanasia debate, claims an Australian bioethicist. Deakin University Professor Megan-Jane Johnstone has examined the ‘Alzheimerisation’ of the euthanasia debate in her book, “Alzheimer’s

As pro-lifers gain, an update on Ireland’s abortion referendum four days out

By Dave Andrusko We are just four days away from Ireland’s abortion referendum and there is action on many fronts. On the popular culture front, The Washington Post’s Allyson Chiu reports that on Friday Singer Ed Sheeran posted