October 12th Is An Important Date!

The new movie, Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, must have a HUGE opening weekend. If not, it will be done for. That is why we need YOUR help! Do you have an event coming

Abortion and the willingness to countenance idea of infanticide

By John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera Among the pagan practices vanquished by early Christians was infanticide. As Christianity fades in the West, so do our defenses against infanticide in all its grisly forms. Since its beginning, the

“Small study” trashes judicial bypass as a “form of punishment” to teens seeking abortions

By Dave Andrusko What do you think most irritates pro-abortionists? Let me count the ways. For starters, anything, and I do mean anything, that introduces the truth that there are real medical risks to having an abortion.

Pennsylvania’s two marquee statewide races are classic pro-life versus pro-abortion contests

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation While it is not garnering the attention that the all-important 2016 Presidential election consumed, Election 2018 remains a critical contest in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The two marquee statewide

Politico Calls Dem Women ‘Turbocharged’ to Vote, But GOP Women Are Almost the Same

By Randy Hall Reporting on poll results might seem like an easy task, especially during a midterm election. However, Politico’s chief polling analyst Steven Shepard would benefit from revisiting the old adage that “there are lies, damn

Mother shares photo of daughter born at 21 weeks: My baby was not a ‘clump of cells’

By Becky Yeh One mother is sharing an image of her baby, born premature at 21 weeks, to show the humanity and inherent dignity of children in the womb. The image, posted by Save the Storks on

“A Merciful End”:The origins of the Euthanasia Movement in Modern America

By Dave Andrusko It’s not exactly breaking news that pro-lifers are engaged in a struggle against euthanasia and its more “respectable” cousin, assisted suicide on many continents. The forces of death have experienced tremendous success in the

A Spotlight Interview with Supporter Katie D., BSN, RN

By Texas Right to Life Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared here. The majority of young adults in their 20s are Pro-Life as opposed to supporting abortion. Although this angers the anti-Life movement,

Northern Ireland woman who illegally bought abortion pills online for 15 year old daughter challenges prosecution

Buying abortion pills online is illegal throughout the UK By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children In the next stage of the assault on Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws, a woman who illegally purchased abortion pills

From neglected orphan to successful artist: Sevy’s story

Editor’s note. This is provided by the team at the Jerome Lejeune Foundation. Founded in 1996 by the Lejeune family to carry on the work of Professor Jérôme Lejeune, the Foundation is committed to research, care, and

The Anonymous Three: child euthanasia in Belgium and elsewhere

By Lisa Blumberg Editor’s note. This was published yesterday by Not Dead Yet, a disability rights group. The Belgium Federal Commission on the Control and Evaluation of Euthanasia in its most recent report of Belgium euthanasia statistics

Doctor defends doing experiments on living aborted babies

By Sarah Terzo Dr. Kirt Hirshorn of New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, on research using living aborted babies : “I don’t think [research on an aborted baby, which he calls a “nonviable fetus”] is unethical. It’s not