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Honestly? “No one is ‘pro-abortion’”?

By Dave Andrusko It’s been a long time now, but I clearly remember a panel I was once a part of at a professional journalism association. It was a very interesting collection. There was little old me,

National Abortion Federation head announces 2019 retirement

By Dave Andrusko Talk about a passing of the torch. Just two weeks after PPFA’s Cecile Richards stepped down as the head of the largest abortion provider in the world after 12 years, a far lesser known

Coming to grips with the truth is not an option for pro-abortionists

By Dave Andrusko Last night as I was finishing up the May digital edition of National Right to Life News, I ran across a post a friend had forwarded to me sometime back but which I had

Eric Schneiderman, the now ex-AG of New York, and Planned Parenthood’s bizarre response

By Carol Tobias, President Editor’s note. This appears in the May digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please share this 41-page issue with your pro-life friends and family. Amazing… and disgusting. Eric Schneiderman, the pro-abortion

Cecile Richards says Michelle Wolf was ‘doing her job’ when she made jokes about abortion

By Dave Andrusko Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday, discussing the media response to Michelle Wolf’s reprehensible performance at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C. That most assuredly will include another look at

Further proof that Planned Parenthood is all about abortion: “Abortion Queen” Wendy Davis is in the running to head the business

By Texas Right to Life After Cecile Richards announced she will resign as president of Planned Parenthood in 2018, speculation turned to her replacement. America’s largest abortion business has given no indication yet of who will take

An abysmal pro-abortion analysis of pro-life “rhetoric”

By Dave Andrusko Turnabout is fair play, I always say. Many is the time I’ve dissembled pro-abortion rhetoric, piece by piece, so let’s see how successful Tara Culp-Ressler is in her piece, “Your Glossary to Decoding the

#SheDecidesDay: Opposition to US Pro-Life Foreign Policy

From Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues Organizers of the abortion fund, SheDecides, are marking the one year anniversary of the first meeting of the so-called pro-abortion “Global Champions” on March 2, to rally support and celebrate SheDecides

Pro-Choice rhetoric: “Can these folks hear themselves?”

By John Stonestreet Is it me, or is pro-abortion rhetoric getting even crazier? Recently, NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue was quoted in The Atlantic as saying that “[Pro-lifers are] not really anti-abortion. They are against [a]

Pro-choicers call homeless shelter for pregnant women “an outrage”

By Sarah Terzo Pro-abortion writer Judith Orr describes how feminists were angry that a pro-life group was using tax dollars to build a shelter for pregnant homeless women [in Great Britain]. They would rather homeless women be

Pro-abortion clergy “sanctify” late-term abortion clinic

By Dave Andrusko Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a post headlined, “Religious representatives ‘bless’ new PPFA abortion clinic in Washington, DC.” I observed Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington medical director Serina Floyd said she plans

“Texas Handmaids” Harassment of Pro-Life Centers is Backfiring in a Big Way

By Jay Hobbs Calling themselves “Texas Handmaids,” members of a small, but growing group are donning the now-familiar white bonnets and red robes to protest life-affirming help in Austin, both in front of the dozen area pregnancy