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These Baby Shower-Style Workshops Are Empowering Illinois Women to Choose Life

By Gayle Irwin Earlier this year, the Family Life Center of Illinois added a fun new component to its prenatal program: baby shower-style workshops that educate and celebrate clients through each trimester of pregnancy. Kathy Potter, R.N., who

“God Abundantly Blessed Us,” Kentucky Pregnancy Center Triples Its Space to Save More Lives

By Karen Ingle This December, when Haven Care Center moves into the former Brothers BBQ location, executive director Tiffany Johnson said her Danville, Kentucky center will expand its ability to serve more of the abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable clients

10 Remarkable Reasons to Thank a Pregnancy Center

By Katie Franklin While rescuing moms and babies from the pain and heartbreak of abortion, pregnancy help centers face many daily challenges, some as small as running out of diapers to hand out and some as large

California’s Law Targeting Pregnancy Centers Was Meant for Harm—But God Used It for Good

By Heidi Matzke I was only three weeks into my job as Executive Director of a local pregnancy center when I attended my first judiciary committee hearing in the California legislature. The hearing had to do with

Abortion Clinics vs. Pregnancy Care Centers

Editor’s note. This was posted on the site of the Canadian pro-life group Reading websites for abortion clinics is not the most fun you’ll have on a Friday night. It is, however, useful in learning what

Michelle Found Healing From Abortion 20 Years Ago. Now She’s Helping Others Do the Same.

By Jen Taggart Michelle McCauley, director of After Abortion Care at the Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo and director of The Haven post-abortive ministry, did not realize that when she decided to serve in pro-life ministry, she would

New York College Resists Pro-Abortion Bullies, Keeps Pregnancy Center on Campus

By Katie Franklin Over the years, college campuses have grown a notorious reputation for being over-zealous echo chambers that suppress free speech—particularly that of conservative and pro-life students who don’t toe the pro-abortion line. So it’s surprising

“It Went Beyond My Expectations”: Missouri Pregnancy Center Launches Thanks to Strong Network of Support

By Katie Franklin Pouring over the State of Missouri’s annual abortion statistics in 2016, members of Warren County Right to Life noticed an unsettling trend: While abortions on residents in neighboring counties were in decline, those being

How One Nurse’s Secret Abortion Became a Life-Saving Story

By Karen Ingle In 1985, a silent and numb seventeen-year-old girl named Michele tagged along as her boyfriend’s mother took care of the paperwork—first for her pregnancy test in a Missouri strip mall, and then for her

It’s Here! Week-long Celebration of Pro-life Pregnancy Centers

By Katie Franklin Fires, hurricanes, and unjust laws. These are just a few of the challenges that pro-life pregnancy help organizations have weathered over the last year—all while pursuing the mighty task of rescuing mothers and their

New Website Reveals Truth about Pregnancy Centers, Busting Pro-Abortion Myths

By Katie Franklin “Hope. Compassion. Truth.” These are just a few of the commitments pregnancy help organizations make to clients in need of support during one of the most trying moments of their lives. That’s why it’s

Beckoned Back: Woman Returns to Ohio Pregnancy Center to Combat Infant Mortality

By Gayle Irwin Little did Debra Martin know when she left Ohio’s Pregnancy Choices six years ago that she would return, this time to oversee the center’s four service campuses. “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, God