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Post-abortive woman: “If my words lead you to save your child’s life, I will also feel that you saved mine.”

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This appears in the current digital edition of NRL News. I hope that you are reading the entire issue and forwarding stories to pro-life friends and family. As an avowed opponent of

Mother with abortion regret hits back at Irish politician who called it a “makey-uppy thing”

Patricia Gaughran: “I’m absolutely disgusted and so angry that you can dismiss women like me.” “You do not understand what abortion does to a woman.” By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Last week, we

Post-abortive woman unknowingly reveals the heartbreaking truth about her abortion

By Dave Andrusko A pro-life friend forwarded me a column today that appeared in the very pro-abortion English newspaper, the Guardian. Hannah Bambra’s story of her life after her abortion is not in the least overtly pro-life

Clinic worker–Post abortion woman crying, feeling guilty, and scared

By Sarah Terzo From a clinic worker: “I’ve taken up to one hour and a half if the patient needs it – the people at the front desk don’t love it if I do that too often,

Why pro-abortionists are so annoyed by the ‘What If I hadn’t been born?’ question

By Dave Andrusko In a former professional life Rachael Larimore was a senior editor at the pro-abortion Slate. She is now the online managing editor of the pro-life Weekly Standard. When I first learned of her promotion

“We were sold a bill of goods,” postabortion woman says

By Sarah Terzo Cynthia Collins, who had her first abortion as a 19-year-old and then took a “downward spiral”: “We were sold a bill of goods that abortion is a good thing, and when we find out

Post-Abortion woman: I want my baby

By Sarah Terzo Jasmine (From New Zealand) expresses her pain after her abortion: “I’m 19, and just had an abortion 2 weeks ago. I hate it, I can never stop thinking about it, or what it would

Never allow the pro-abortion media to mislead you

By Dave Andrusko You need look no further back than the 2016 presidential election to know that polls can be suggestive but hardly definitive. In fact they can be flat-out wrong. This is even more so now

48% of postabortion women were coerced, study finds

By Sarah Terzo Jessica Stanton writes about a study on how postabortion women were coerced into abortions: “In a study conducted by Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, Dr. Ian Gentles, and Dr. Elizabeth Ring–Cassidy published in 2013 in ‘Complications:

To “pro-choicers” some choices are more equal than others

Supreme Court to hear case about compelled speech By Right to Life of Michigan Choice: the world is a rallying cry for the abortion industry, which holds personal autonomy as a supreme value in our culture. Even

Post-Abortion woman: “our grief shows the humanity of the unborn”

By Sarah Terzo From a post-abortive woman named Bernadette: “I became pregnant in my late teens, and 10 weeks into the pregnancy I had an abortion. A trusted doctor assured me that the procedure would be simple,

Was my baby a boy or a girl? postabortion woman asks

By Sarah Terzo Stacy B describes her abortion experience: “When I called the local abortion [clinic], the man on the phone told me it was urgent that I make reservations right away because the appointments always filled