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Gallup says women slightly more pro-choice than men but veteran pro-abortion pollster says women are “less likely to be pro-choice”

By Dave Andrusko We’ve previously discussed three of Gallup’s promised six-part series on abortion and public opinion (see here; here and here). Among other conclusions, we can say More people still consider abortion morally wrong (49%) than

Of all places, CNN writes comprehensively about abortion polling

By Dave Andrusko When outlets such as CNN figure out that “Support for abortion rights depends on how you ask the question,” you can’t help but wonder what discovery is next? Perhaps that the sun rises in

A deeper dive into Gallup’s series on abortion opinion in 2018

By Dave Andrusko As we discussed twice last month [here and here], as is its habit, Gallup is running a series about “Americans’ attitude toward abortion in 2018.” We have analyzed two of what is said to be a

New Gallup Poll Shows Massive Opposition to Roe v. Wade

By Right to Life of Michigan Every year Gallup does polling on the issue of abortion. They are one of the better polling outfits, because they will ask more specific questions than most others. For the first

Most Americans still oppose the reasons for which almost all abortions are performed

Also more people still consider abortion morally wrong than morally acceptable, Gallup reports By Dave Andrusko Twice in the last two weeks NRL News Today posted about an upcoming series of six stories that Gallup said it

Very Few Old Media Outlets Note Reuters’ Midterm Election Poll Swinging to GOP

By Tom Blumer Earlier this week, Reuters/Ipsos reported that its generic “How Will You Vote?” poll ahead of November’s mid-term elections had swung into Republicans’ favor for the first time this year, erasing a double-digit lead Democrats

Bad poll news for pro-abortion incumbent Democratic senators

By Dave Andrusko If I believe, and I most assuredly do, that it borders on absurdity to draw even tentative conclusions about the lay of the political landscape months out, why would I bother to discuss the

Nothing To See Here: MSNBC Buries Poll Favoring GOP, Trumpets Early Voting Numbers

By Bill D’Agostino Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission. For the week of March 5, MSNBC’s coverage put the liberal media’s biased gatekeeping practices on full display. After feverishly reporting on favorable

Trump’s favorability numbers rising rapidly, GOP now has advantage on “generic” candidate

By Dave Andrusko There are some advantages to having been around the block a few times and one of them is that you never, ever get caught up in numbers months out from a political election. Thus,

Irish Media totally misrepresents abortion poll results

By Dave Andrusko I write for a living and have for a long, long time. I have not seen many cheesier examples of hiding behind bogus excuses than what I read today in the Irish Examiner, a

Analysis misses where public opinion is on abortion while painting glowing picture of Cecile Richards

By Dave Andrusko The headline to the story “Americans Haven’t Changed Their Mind Much On Abortion, But They Have On Other ‘Cultural’ Issues” is both accurate and very misleading. While Clare Malone’s headline is true enough —opinion

CNN Discredits Own Poll Showing Overwhelming Positive Reaction to State of the Union address

By Nicholas Fondacaro In an amazing example of just how out of touch they were with the American people Tuesday, CNN prefaced the release of their very positive State of the Union reaction poll by claiming it