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Another mish-mash Pew poll on abortion

By Dave Andrusko When you read Pew’s data/interpretation of abortion opinion, typically you reach one (or all) of three conclusions. First, they frontload their questions in a manner that guarantees the most support for legal abortion. Second,

What do our closing thoughts before the 2016 elections tell us about 2018?

By Dave Andrusko I wrote my final post on the 2016 presidential elections on election day, the last of dozens and dozens of stories we ran about the titanic struggle between pro-life Donald Trump and pro-abortion Hillary

Every attempt to normalize abortion fails. Here’s why

By Jonathon Van Maren Despite decades of activism and a near-complete takeover of the institutions of academia, the media, and the educational system, abortion activists have spectacularly failed to accomplish their goal of “normalizing” abortion and persuading

Digging deeper into another rehashed Pew abortion poll

By Dave Andrusko I sent a friend a rehash of a rehash of a rehash of a Pew poll on abortion which is, to be honest, rather embarrassing. Not because it plows the same territory, but because

21 days out and has the media learned any lessons from 2016?

By Dave Andrusko Once upon a time, the Associated Press was rightly considered a reasonably objective news source. It is less so today, This is hugely important. With more and more newspapers facing a grim financial future,

“Here they go again!” Inflated projections for pro-abortion Democratic candidates

By Dave Andrusko The closer we come to November 6, the more I am reminded of the immortal Yogi Berra, who once said, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” Suddenly, Democrats are “surging” with three weeks

Enthusiasm about November elections now just as high among Republicans as Democrats

Republican women more enthusiastic than Democrat women By Dave Andrusko Granted the obvious caveat—polling numbers will change multiple times between now and November 6—NPR reported Wednesday that “Just over a month away from critical elections across the

Poll of Minnesotans’ views on Roe v. Wade is highly misleading

By Paul Stark A new Star Tribune-MPR News poll indicates that 59 percent of Minnesotans want Roe v. Wade kept in place. That’s a highly misleading and unreliable finding. Here’s the poll question: “Roe v. Wade was

Politico Calls Dem Women ‘Turbocharged’ to Vote, But GOP Women Are Almost the Same

By Randy Hall Reporting on poll results might seem like an easy task, especially during a midterm election. However, Politico’s chief polling analyst Steven Shepard would benefit from revisiting the old adage that “there are lies, damn

New Abortion Poll with Dishonest Headline

By Right to Life of Michigan “Republicans divided over abortion,” the headline reads. The Hill teamed up with a sister company of the Harris Poll for a survey on the topic of abortion. The major takeaway, in

Obvious problems, obvious solutions. Too bad the news media will adopt none of the latter

By Dave Andrusko Lemme see. Let’s pretend you are ensconced in the media elite. Assuming you actually want to, how could you figure out how to ally the public’s massive distrust of the mass media, basically but

CBS Rewrites History: The Presidential Polls Weren’t Wrong in 2016

By Scott Whitlock CBS attempted to rewrite history on Monday with This Morning co-host Norah O’Donnell and network Director of Elections Anthony Salvanto declaring that the polls in 2016 weren’t wrong. That might be a surprise to