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Story makes clear why pro-abortionists so loathe those who protect the unborn and the “unalienable rights of conscience and religious freedom”

By Dave Andrusko This post won’t be long but I think it might be helpful. is a pro-abortion site whose pro-abortion militancy is matched only by the hysteria with which it treats pro-life legislation and pro-life

A trifecta on pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi

By Dave Andrusko Amazing how things so often do come in threes. First, there’s the story published in today’s POLITICO under the headline “Pelosi cranks up push to win over freshmen: The California Democrat is using every

Pro-abortion truth-mangler Sen. Kamala Harris tells pro-abortion audience what we need more is….truth!

By Dave Andrusko You remember pro-abortion Senator Kamala Harris (D-Ca.) She is the presidential aspirant (isn’t every Democrat?) whose smear of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh was so intellectually dishonest even the Washington Post Factchecker and Politifact blanched. Harris

Missouri Right to Life applauds Governor Mike Parson’s selection of Eric Schmitt to be Missouri’s next Attorney General

Editor’s note. Pro-life Missouri AG Josh Hawley defeated pro-abortion incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill in the 2018 midterm elections held last week. In the last two years, the Attorney General’s office has been key in protecting the right

National Right to Life restates its endorsement of Cindy Hyde-Smith for U.S. Senate

JACKSON, Miss. – At a press conference today in Jackson, National Right to Life restated its unequivocal endorsement of Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith for the U.S. Senate. Hyde-Smith faces pro-abortion former Rep. Mike Espy in a November 27

Results in three Senate seats yet to be decided

Republicans will hold 52-55 seats By Dave Andrusko As I write this post, there are 52 Republicans who will for certain be members of the United States Senate next year. Three races are undecided. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema,

What’s being said about the 2018 elections, three days later

By Dave Andrusko Like many people, for the last few months I spent a considerable amount of time analyzing and writing about what we thought might happen Tuesday night. Watching Fox News (which was surprisingly less-than-friendly to

Abortion and the importance of state Supreme Courts

By Dave Andrusko If ever a pro-lifer needed to know how important state Supreme Courts are, could just refer to Kansas. There the high court has sat on a case for a year which will determine whether

The NYT’s ‘Needle’ and the Damage Done: ‘People Crying in the Newsroom’ on Election Night 2016

By Clay Waters Vanity Fair’s Joe Pompeo had an interesting take Monday on a web-based internet phenomenon that political “junkies” (to coin a phrase) are obsessed with: The New York Times election needle is back, after making

Florida Right to Life celebrates pro-life victories, and congratulates Senator-Elect Rick Scott and Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis

  Florida Right to Life, (FRTL) the state’s oldest and largest single-issue organization is beyond thrilled about Tuesday’s victories for life. Governor Rick Scott took on long time pro-abortion incumbent Senator Bill Nelson and shocked the nation

Thank you – 2018 election Texas results

By Texas Right to Life While Pro-Life Texans held the state House of Representatives and state Senate and won every statewide office, the November 6 election brought several brutal defeats. We rue the losses of Pro-Life stalwarts,

The 2018 Elections, The Day After

By Dave Andrusko Let’s be clear, all pro-lifers wish we had increased the pro-life margin in the United States Senate even more and retained control of the House of Representatives. But that should not deflect our attention