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A powerful reminder that truly every vote counts

Recount changes political balance in Va. By Dave Andrusko All my children are adults now, and as a result able to vote. To the best of my knowledge, with very few exceptions, they have participated in every

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life launches campaign to expose Tina Smith’s record of abortion advocacy

By Paul Stark MINNEAPOLIS, MN — The state’s largest pro-life organization is launching a radio ad campaign to inform Minnesotans about U.S. Senate appointee Tina Smith’s record of advocacy for unlimited abortion. Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life

Gov. Dayton fails people of Minnesota with appointment of Tina Smith to U.S. Senate

Editor’s note. Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton this morning announced that pro-abortion Lt. Gov. Tina Smith will replace the disgraced Al Franken as senator from Minnesota. “Gov. Mark Dayton’s appointment of Tina Smith to represent Minnesota in the

NARAL fears Ohio Gubernatorial race has “national implications”

By Dave Andrusko It is a badge of honor when pro-abortion sites throw slurs such as “anti-choice crusaders” at you and warn that what you are doing (to save unborn babies) “may have implications in the 45-year

This is the kind of abortionist who gives Doug Jones a pass

By Dave Andrusko Last week we reposted a typically excellent analysis by Newsbusters’ Tim Graham, “FALSE? PolitiFact Mocks Mrs. Roy Moore for saying Doug Jones Backs ‘Full-Term Abortions'” . Jones is running for the Senate in Alabama and

FALSE? PolitiFact Mocks Mrs. Roy Moore for saying Doug Jones Backs ‘Full-Term Abortions’

By Tim Graham PolitiFact slammed Roy Moore’s wife Kayla Moore as “False” for saying at a rally that Alabama’s Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones supports “full-term abortion.” They concluded “Moore measured Jones against a term that is

What do Senators Manchin, Casey, and Donnelly have in common?

A need to deceive pro-life voters to win in 2018 By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director In the face of dismal voting records, Democratic Senators Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Joe Donnelly (Ind.) and Bob Casey,

Did pro-abortionists Democrats learn from 2016 or are they inflating last Tuesday’s results?

Hillary Clinton paused while speaking during a rally at the Grand Valley State University Fieldhouse in Allendale, Michigan, on Nov. 7, 2016. (Brendan Smialowski / AFP/Getty Images)

By Dave Andrusko Here’s our last NRL News Today post of the week. “One year later, Democrats try to use painful lessons of 2016 to guide future campaigns” stands in stark contrast to all the gleeful stories

What do the Virginia election results really tell us and what is pro-abortion spin?

By Dave Andrusko Last week Maria Gallagher prophetically quoted political analyst Larry J. Sabato who once said, “Every election is determined by the people who show up.” The point is both very simple and very profound: it’s

Majority of Candidates Recommended by Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation PAC Sweep to Victory

Justice Sallie Mundy

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Most of the candidates recommended by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation PAC won their races on November 7th. The preliminary election results would indicate that female judicial candidates who believe

New awful polling number adds to woes of pro-abortion Democrats

Pro-life Ed Gillespie (left) and pro-abortion Ralph Northam

By Dave Andrusko It’s like an avalanche–all the stories about how much winning Virginia’s gubernatorial race means to Democrats, knee-deep in a fratricidal intra-party fight. They had convinced themselves all the stars were in alignment such that

Pro-abortion Democrats in a panic the day before the Virginia gubernatorial election

Pro-life Ed Gillespie (left) and pro-abortion Ralph Northam

By Dave Andrusko The author is unknown: “The worst feeling in the world is trying to hold back a panic attack in public.” If you are a Democrat in Virginia–or, for that matter, all the Democrats nationwide