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The vice presidential debate and abortion

By Dave Andrusko Two years ago today, I wrote the following post which I put together the day after the vice presidential debate between pro-life Mike Pence and pro-abortion Tim Kaine. I do believe we need to

Pro-life Mike Braun for Senate Endorsed by Indiana Right to Life PAC

Braun Must Replace Donnelly Who Has Betrayed Pro-life Hoosiers INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee (PAC) announces its endorsement of Republican Mike Braun for U.S. Senate over Democratic incumbent Joe Donnelly. “Joe Donnelly tells

Gretchen Whitmer’s Record on Abortion Insurance

By Right to Life of Michigan Editor’s note. Ms. Whitmer is the Democrat candidate for governor of Michigan. She is running against pro-life Republican Bill Schuette. Should people who disagree with abortion be forced to pay for

Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek to host Pennsylvania gubernatorial debate

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Answer: The Pennsylvania Gubernatorial debate. Question: What do Pennsylvania voters need to watch in order to know where the candidates for Governor stand on abortion? “Jeopardy” host Alex

The House and Senate are on the line

On April 10th of last year, Bryce Fisher (or Fish, as he prefers to be called) turned 18 years old. For his birthday, Fish registered to vote. Sixteen months later, on August 7, 2018, he was able

Crucial off-year elections less than two months away: Five simple things you can do

By Karen Cross, NRL Political Director In less than two months, crucial off-year elections will take place in which we will fight to maintain pro-life leadership in both the House and Senate. As National Right to Life

Pennsylvania’s two marquee statewide races are classic pro-life versus pro-abortion contests

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation While it is not garnering the attention that the all-important 2016 Presidential election consumed, Election 2018 remains a critical contest in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The two marquee statewide

Texas Right to Life celebrates Peter Flores’ State Senate election victory

Editor’s note. In a special election held Tuesday, pro-life Republican Pete Flores defeated pro-abortion Democrat Pete Gallego, becoming the first Hispanic Republican to serve in the Texas Senate. The pro-abortion Texas Tribune described Flores’ 6 point victory

2018 Election Overview: Where will your governor stand on abortion?

By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director Thirty-six states will hold gubernatorial races on November 6. With less than two months to go until the general election, primaries are wrapping up. Most of the nominees

Tennessee Pro-Life Group Recalls Former Governor’s Opposition to Legislation

Editor’s note. Tennessee Right to Life posted the following in response to a comment made yesterday by pro-abortion former Gov. Phil Bredesen who is running for the Senate, about the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Gretchen Whitmer’s Record on Partial-Birth Abortion

By Right to Life of Michigan There’s a lot of adjectives you should use to describe partial-birth abortion: brutal, barbaric, medieval, inhumane. Now retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy cast the deciding vote in the 2007 U.S.

Two new surveys show much closer 2018 elections

By Dave Andrusko I’ve been fascinated by politics since I was in high school and first watched the Kennedy/Nixon debates. Out of the 50+ years of watching these machinations, among the primary lessons I learned is to