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Not All Immoral Organ Harvests Bother Transplant Community

By Wesley J. Smith In the China tyranny, political prisoners such as Falon Gong practitioners, are tissue typed, killed, and harvested. Their organs are sold for exorbitant prices to desperate people who travel to China to save

Dept. of Justice investigating Planned Parenthood and others’ involvement in the sale of fetal tissue

By Dave Andrusko There we were last night watching Fox News when we learned Fox News had obtained a letter sent by Justice Department Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Stephen Boyd to the Senate Judiciary Committee

China, the Low Countries, and lethal organ harvesting

By Dave Andrusko The photos in the New York Post (even if only simulated) are blood curdling. Along with the accompanying story, they are the most recent reminder of “The grim reality of human organ harvesting in