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NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon sells custom favored ice cream to “defend reproductive freedom”?

By Dave Andrusko Each day I swear I could post, at a minimum, one item under the category of “you can’t make this stuff.” Today menu item, so to speak, comes from NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon (See below.)

A Modest Proposal: Let’s “End The Lies” Once and For All

By Kirk Walden Perhaps it is because my head is full of cobwebs after a night of Nyquil, but as I think about the EndTheLies.Com website NARAL recently launched, I believe we need to agree with NARAL.

The Juiciest “Allegations” Backfire Big Time

Browsing through NARAL’s new unhinged site, you start to wonder whether the group could use a safe space with puppy dogs and coloring books at its D.C. lair. Under the general heading of “Fake Health Care Clinics

3 Mock-Worthy Highlights from NARAL’s New

By Jay Hobbs Earlier this week, the nation’s top abortion supremacy group, NARAL Pro-Choice America, launched “,” a new website dedicated to slandering life-saving pregnancy centers and ultrasound-equipped medical clinics. Unveiled less than a month ahead of

NARAL’s latest report: it’s enough to give hypocrisy a bad name

By Dave Andrusko Tip of the cap to Breakpoint for alerting us to a new report from NARAL Pro-Choice America. One good thing, you don’t have to waste time figuring out what the narrative is. The title

NARAL’S Tell-Tale Heart

Those “insidious” Pro-lifers! By Eric Metaxas with Anne Morse So how’s the pro-life movement doing these days? Gauging by the hysteria of one pro-abortion group, I’d say pretty well. There’s a new volume out that has some

NARAL’s “Outrage” Clothing Line Makes it Official: Big Abortion is Out of Ideas

By Jay Hobbs Out of gift ideas for that special someone this Valentine’s Day? The abortion-promoting ghouls at NARAL have you covered. Introducing a real-life product line called—no kidding—“Outrage,” the largest group of abortion supremacists now offer

NARAL fears Ohio Gubernatorial race has “national implications”

By Dave Andrusko It is a badge of honor when pro-abortion sites throw slurs such as “anti-choice crusaders” at you and warn that what you are doing (to save unborn babies) “may have implications in the 45-year

NARAL president refers to unborn as “developing life”

By Sarah Terzo Kate Michelman, once President of NARAL, one of the biggest pro-abortion groups in the country, had an abortion early in her life. She says: “When I did squarely confront abortion as a possibility, it

Tasteless as ever, pro-abortionists fundraise by bashing pro-life Vice President Pence

By Dave Andrusko Scout’s Honor, I meant to write about this before June 7 but…I didn’t. So, for the last post of the week, let me just say a few words about “Let’s ruin Mike Pence’s birthday,”

About those “anti-choice extremists”….

By Dave Andrusko I guess NARAL Pro-Choice America decided four “anti-choice extremists” were enough to get pro-abortionists’ blood boiling–and entice them to give a “Year-End gift [that] will be doubled.” In the fundraising e-blast, NARAL’s President Ilyse

NARAL Suddenly Wants to Feed Poor Kids… If They Can Survive the Womb First

By Jay Hobbs A little bit of twisted irony: NARAL Pro-Choice America is really mad this week that welfare money in seven states is going toward pro-life pregnancy centers. That fact won’t surprise you, but exactly why