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Argentine Senate Rejects Bill to legalize Abortion through 14 weeks

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. My family and I will be on our vacation through September 7. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of the best” —

Deputies in Argentina Vote to Legalize Abortion with Help from the UN

By Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues The Chamber of Deputies was the scene of a 23 hour debate on abortion which resulted in a close 129-125 vote to legalize abortion on demand for the first 14 weeks

Chile: Return of Pro-Life President Piñera

By Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues Past pro-life president Sebastian Piñera was elected to serve a new term beginning in March 2018 following the term of pro-abortion President Michele Bachelet who oversaw the legalization of abortion in

Polish Parliament rejects proposal to “liberalize” abortion laws

By Dave Andrusko Poland is a very pro-life country, which pro-abortionists were reminded of once again on Wednesday. Currently, abortions are legal only through the 12th and only in cases of rape or incest, “the pregnancy poses

North Korea defector describes forced abortion

Describes horrific scene of women starved to death, bodies fed to guard dogs By Dave Andrusko Over the decades we have run dozens of stories about grotesque human rights abuses in China as it enforced its “One

Another UK Hospital: NO to Baby Transfer + End Life Support

By Wesley J. Smith Readers here may recall the infamous Charlie Gard case earlier this year. Charlie was a terminally ill baby with a progressive and terminal genetic disease. Charlie’s parents wanted to take their boy to

Recommendation of Irish Committee deciding language for abortion referendum out of kilter with public opinion

By Dave Andrusko Yesterday we wrote about the recommendation of a committee of the Irish Parliament which announced informally what it will formally recommend next Wednesday: an end to the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution which holds

Tens of thousands expected to protest abortion in Netherlands this weekend

By Jonathon van Maren NETHERLANDS, December 7, 2017 — Cry for Life, a Dutch pro-life organization that has been battling the Culture of Death in the Netherlands since 1985, is predicting a massive turnout for the 25th

Canada’s Liberal party missed something important in gender-based violence strategy

Editor’s note. This first ran a few months ago on the Canadian pro-life site, WeNeedALaw, and is reposted with permission. The Liberal party released their gender-based violence strategy last month. The strategy aims to address issues ranging

Irish Committee to vote to jettison constitutional amendment giving equal rights to mothers and unborn children

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. A “TD” is a member of the lower house of the Irish Parliament. “Fine Gael “ is a political party. It was a development years in the making and carefully orchestrated by

Denmark aborted all but 4 babies diagnosed with Down syndrome last year

By Claire Chretien December 6, 2017 – A Danish official is using the four children with Down syndrome who weren’t aborted in Denmark last year to argue that his country’s policy is not to kill everyone with

Sydney, Australia, Geriatrician: “We do not want or need physician assisted suicide”

Editor’s note. This appeared on the HOPE, Australia blog and is reposted with permission. Dr. John Obeid, a geriatrician in Western Sydney, has voiced his opinion in the Daily Telegraph about why assisted suicide should not be an