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Big Victory for Medical Conscience in Norway

By Wesley J. Smith As the bioethics movement’s most prominent members write stridently in favor of stripping medical professionals of conscience rights in the world’s most respected medical journals, as the New York Times shrieks in horror

No one boasts of being an abortionist

By Sarah Terzo From an article in The Independent about a shortage of abortion providers in England: “Distaste at performing terminations combined with ethical and religious convictions has led to a big increase in “conscientious objectors” who

The Canadian euthanasia express rolls on

The right to life can be flipped into a right to die By Margaret Somerville It’s often said that Australia and Canada are, in many ways, comparable countries. So let’s look at a recent Canadian euthanasia case,

German nurse confesses to 100 murders; could be many more

By Michael Cook As we reported a year ago, a nursing home nurse in Germany has confessed to killing at least 100 patients. Although he is already serving a life sentence for two murders, Niels Högel appeared

Nova Scotia woman’s death is part of a campaign to expand euthanasia

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Audrey Parker, who has been working with the euthanasia lobby group, Dying with Dignity, is promoting the extension of euthanasia to people who are incompetent, but made a

Kenya investigates abortion giant Marie Stopes for breaking advertising laws, pushing abortion

By James Risdon NAIROBI, Kenya, November 7, 2018 — Abortion juggernaut Marie Stopes International is being investigated in Kenya for allegedly advertising abortion on demand on two African radio stations. “This is ongoing despite the Kenya Film

Queensland, Australia, man first to be imprisoned for counseling suicide

By HOPE of Australia “However, one can imagine many circumstances arising where people in positions of trust and responsibility could succumb to the temptation to counsel suicide for personal gain.” These confronting words were spoken last week

VICTORY: Scottish university drops ban on pro-life groups

By Dorothy Cummings McLean GLASGOW, Scotland, November 1, 2018 ― A Scottish university has conceded that its ban on pro-life groups is discriminatory and a violation of freedom of speech. According to the Glasgow Herald, the students

Dutch doctor will not be prosecuted for euthanasia of semi-conscious woman

The doctor has been cleared of a breach of care, despite not obtaining proper consent. There has not been a single prosecution to date By SPUC—The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children In news that demonstrates

Swiss doctors go head-to-head over liberal guidelines for assisted suicide

By Michael Cook The Federation of Swiss Medical Doctors (FMH) has refused to include in its code of ethics new guidelines on end-of-life care proposed by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS). These provide that a

Argentine Senate Rejects Bill to legalize Abortion through 14 weeks

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. My family and I will be on our vacation through September 7. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of the best” —

Deputies in Argentina Vote to Legalize Abortion with Help from the UN

By Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues The Chamber of Deputies was the scene of a 23 hour debate on abortion which resulted in a close 129-125 vote to legalize abortion on demand for the first 14 weeks