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Euthanasia Becoming First Resort in Quebec

By Wesley J. Smith Euthanasia advocates are so full of it, promising that snuff medicine will only be a last resort when nothing else can be done to alleviate suffering. It’s never been true, to the point

Euthanasia deaths in Quebec rising rapidly

Is death-by-doctor becoming normalised? By Michael Cook Quebec’s euthanasia law came into effect three years ago, in December 2015. Since then, 1,664 Québécois have been euthanised, according to a report tabled in the Quebec parliament. A total

Stories and their importance in the euthanasia/assisted suicide debate

The risks and harms to vulnerable people outweigh any possible benefits By Margaret Somerville The pro-euthanasia case is compact and quick and easy to make: It focuses on a terminally ill, seriously suffering, competent adult who gives

Internet scammers target people seeking to die

By Michael Cook Internet scammers are using fake endorsements from well-known euthanasia campaigners to bilk gullible people. According to Derek Humphry, founder of the Hemlock Society: “At any one time there are at least 40 web sites

Architects of Victoria’s right-to-die law publish ‘manual’ on how to push legislation through

By Michael Cook One year ago, in December 2017, the Australian state of Victoria legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide. This has given new heart to supporters in other states who have been lobbying for years for the

Horrifying new stories crop up nearly every month in countries that have created euthanasia regimes, and eventually, people become numb to them

By Jonathon Van Maren Early in November, a public prosecutor in the Hague announced a rare event: Charges were being laid against a doctor for her actions in regard to the euthanasia of an elderly woman with

Concerned Ontario Doctors oppose Sick Kids hospital proposed policy for euthanasia of children

Hospital willing to euthanize children without parental consent or knowledge By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition On Sunday the Toronto Sun published an interview conducted by Jane Stevenson with Dr. Kulvinder Gill, the President

How did our culture become so indifferent to the sanctity and equality of human life?

Three culture of death tipping points By Wesley J. Smith Pope John Paul II once famously described Western society as a “culture of death.” But what does that term mean? It refers to a civilization that endorses

Three Belgian doctors face charges over euthanasia death for psychiatric reasons

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Brussels Times reported that three Belgian doctors will face a court hearing in the euthanasia death of Tine Neys. Neys died by euthanasia based on psychiatric reasons,

18 years after asking for ‘the pills’ a woman is glad to be alive

An oncologist took the trouble to talk to her. By Carolyn Moynihan Eighteen years ago an Oregon woman, Jeanette Hall, refused treatment for cancer because of its distressing side effects like losing her hair, and was told

Canadian Hospital Waiting Room Promotes Euthanasia

By Wesley J. Smith How in the tank for euthanasia has the Canadian medical establishment become? This much: A source sent me this photograph of a public information announcement that appears on a large television screen in

Inherently immoral and ethically corrupt

By Dave Andrusko We’ve long argued that abortion and euthanasia/assisted suicide were birthed in the same hatchery. They are, at a minimum, fraternal twins, if not identical twins. Both are inherently expansionary, for example. Consider just a