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Is the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine worth it?

By Michael Cook In 2004 California voted 59% to 41% for Proposition 71, an amendment to the state constitution which would create the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine through a $3 billion bond issue. Interest added another

California Stem-Cell Agency Wants More Voter Money

By Wesley J. Smith The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) was a multi-billion dollar money suck agreed to by California voters in 2004 as a way to “resist Bush” about embryonic stem-cell research. The mendacious campaign

Stem cell hucksters back for more cash

By Right to Life of Michigan The CIRM was to be the great hope for cures for millions of Americans suffering from incurable diseases. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine was created by 59 percent of California

“Shamelessly oversold,” CIRM has funded just a trickle of clinical trials in hunt for stem cell therapies

By Michael Cook The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine [CIRM] was created in 2004 after voters overwhelmingly supported a $3 billion bond issue to pay for stem cell cures. President George W. Bush had just restricted federal

Embryonic Stem Cell Hype Was Just that: Hype

By Wesley J. Smith When George W. Bush put federal funding restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, the media and “the scientists” screamed that he was “anti-science” and that he was destroying the “only hope” for CURES!

Have embryonic stem cells hit the wall?

By Michael Cook “Will Embryonic Stem Cells Ever Cure Anything?” is a skeptical headline which you would expect to read in a conservative journal like the National Review or the Weekly Standard. However, it is a bit

Embryonic Stem Cell Hypers Opened Door for Stem Cell Fraud

By Wesley J. Smith Embryonic stem cell hypers have themselves to blame for the apparent proliferation of stem cell fraud. You see, in order to win the ESCR political debate, harm President Bush’s popularity, and gain billions

Embryonic Stem Cell Hype Encore

  By Wesley J. Smith I predicted in 2013 that the company which bought Geron would restart its embryonic stem cell product human trial. Indeed, it is. I could also have predicted the media would hype it

San Francisco Chronicle Turns Against CA Stem Cell Agency

  By Wesley J. Smith In 2004, California voters passed Proposition 71 under an avalanche of mendacious CURES! CURES! CURES! hype: Children would get out of wheelchairs! Diabetes would be conquered! Mendacity, mendacity, all was mendacity. Ten

The Washington Post’s 180 degree turn on human cloning

  By Michael Cook Good for the Washington Post! It certainly takes a principled stand in its editorial on stem cell research. Not even its potential for curing dread diseases is sufficient reason to cross a bright

Post’s Junk Biology Pushes Human Cloning

  By Wesley J. Smith Here we go again! Now that human cloning has been done with adult cells, the pro-cloning crowd pushes it using junk biology–just as they did in years past. First at bat: The

Embryo Value Debated in Europe Too

  By Wesley J. Smith Pro embryo-destructive research activists are often so irrational. They claim than an embryo isn’t an embryo but merely a “bunch of cells.” Well, for the reductionist minded, so are they. They claim